Foy's Lake Chittagong Travel Guide

Foy’s Lake Chittagong Travel Guide

Foy’s Lake is a wonderful banquet and entertainment destination that attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists. Foy’s Lake is an artificial lake located in the Khulshi area near the Pahartali Railway Station in Chittagong (only 8 km away from the city of Chittagong). It was excavated under the supervision of the Assam Bengal Railway authorities in 1928 and was then known as Pahartali Lake. It was later renamed as Foy, an English railway engineer. It is currently owned by Bangladesh Railway but operates by Concord.

Foy's Lake Chittagong Travel Guide

Every year, many foreign tourists flock to the beautiful surroundings and natural beauty of the lake. Next to Fay’s Lake, Batali Hill is the highest hill in the city of Chittagong. The beauty of the mountains has enhanced the beauty of Fay’s Lake. The water of Fay’s Lake is very clear for this the beauty of the lake is more visible.

Foy's Lake

Batali Hill is the tallest hill in Chittagong near Fayes Lake, surrounded by small hills. Besides, there are the lake of the names Gadhuli, Arunamayi, Mandakini, Akashmani, Alkananda, and Dakkhini. And the water of the lake increased the beauty of rowing boats.

Foy's lake the beauy

There is so much to see in this lake. Rides are available for children as well as adults will find the lake, hills and altogether with a pleasant environment. A small zoo has been set up at the entrance to Foy’s Lake to attract tourists. However, the main attraction of Foy’s Lake is undoubtedly the beauty of the lake and the hills surrounding it.

Foy’s Lake Amusement Park boasts several attractions including the Mini Zoo, Circus Swing, Roller Coasters, Bumper Car, Giant Ferris Wheel, Dry Slide, Family Train, Paddle Boat, Floating Water Play, Pirate Ship, Boat Riding, Landscaping. There are also picnic spots, observation towers and a water theme park called ‘Sea World’. In the ‘Sea world,’ there is the chance to enjoy some of the more exciting rides, including splash pools, water-costing ride. Every year, numerous tourists flock here to call for the wonderful natural environment of Foy’s Lake.

Sea World In Foy's Lake

The natural beauty of the lake is very clear. So many visitors enjoy the amusement park immensely while many enjoy the natural beauty of Foy’s Lake. The combination of mountains and lakes has made the place more attractive. One of the best places to visit with family. This place is best for a family tour.

Ticket Price of Foy’s Lake

The ticket for entry to Faiz Lake is 300 Tk per person. Entry tickets, including all rides and ice cream, are priced at Tk 350 (excluding boat rides and bumper cars). There are 3 packages for entry into Sea World, 400, 500 and 600 Taka.

The schedule of Foy’s Lake

Foy’s Lake is open to visitors daily from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. To visit the entire Foy’s Lake you should go in the morning.

How to go Foy’s Lake

From any part of the city of Chittagong, you can easily go to Fayaz Lake by riding on CNG or rickshaw.

From Dhaka to Foy’s Lake, first, you have to go to Chittagong. You can get Chittagong by bus from Kamalapur Terminal to BRTC and from Saidabad Bus Station to Saudia, Greenline, Silk Line, Sohag, Baghdad Express, Unique, etc.

Where to stay

Fayez Lake has its own luxury accommodation. There are great cottages and resorts on the hillside of the lake. You can stay in these cottages and resorts. Chittagong city is near to Foy’s Lake so, you can stay at the hotel in the city.

Some hotels in Chittagong:

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