Preparation for A Maternity Mother

Preparation for A Maternity Mother

Maternity Mother Preparation: The normal gestation period is usually ten months, but for healthy childbirth, including three months before pregnancy. This period has to be considered for 12 months. Whenever a mother intends to conceive, she should plan accordingly. The maternity mother should show a doctor before pregnancy and make necessary checkups. If anyone has … Read more

A Pregnant mother’s diet Plan should follow

A Pregnant mother's diet Plan should follow

Every Pregnant mother should be eating a nutritious diet. A balanced diet during pregnancy is linked to healthy birth weight, reduces the risk of many birth defects as well as decrease the risk of anemia. So every pregnant’s mother should follow a specific diet plan. Here Is The Diet Plan For A Pregnant Should Follow: … Read more

Importance of Drinking Water for women, Especially During Pregnancy

মানসিক অবসাদ থেকে মুক্তির উপায়

Drinking-Water for women is a very essential part of taking care of yourself every day. Every normal person should drink water almost eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day. So, a pregnant woman should drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. The most common dehydration for women is “maternal overheating”. Drinking … Read more