A Pregnant mother's diet Plan should follow

A Pregnant mother’s diet Plan should follow

Every Pregnant mother should be eating a nutritious diet. A balanced diet during pregnancy is linked to healthy birth weight, reduces the risk of many birth defects as well as decrease the risk of anemia. So every pregnant’s mother should follow a specific diet plan.

Here Is The Diet Plan For A Pregnant Should Follow:

A Pregnant mother’s diet Plan should follow


Calcium is essential for the formation of bone in the baby and to prevent the loss of the mother’s bone. Calcium also helps to prevent high blood pressure in the mother. Therefore, the mother should take at least 100 mg of calcium daily during pregnancy and after delivery. Calcium is available in large quantities from eggs, milk, fish, couch, nuts, etc.

So a pregnant mother should have an optimum level of calcium regularly.


Sugars add energy to our bodies. Rice, bread, and potatoes are the sources of sugar. Pregnant mothers should eat 3 to 4 cups of rice daily. Working moms consume more calories per day, so they need to eat 4 to 5 cups of rice a day. Bread and potatoes can be eaten beside rice.

Flesh For Pregnant Mother’s

Flesh helps to create new tissue in the body of the unborn baby. Pregnant mothers need to consume at least 60 grams of sweets per day. In order to meet the daily deficiency of fish, you should eat 2 to 3 pieces of fish, 3 to 4 pieces of meat and at least one egg. In addition, you should drink one glass of warm-hot milk daily as a rule.

Vitamin C For Pregnant Mother’s

Vitamin C prevents body skin disease. Pregnant mothers should eat 70 grams of vitamin C daily. One can eat fruits containing vitamin C. Many vitamin C is available from oranges, lemons, guava, and tomatoes.


The role of iron is crucial for the baby to grow normally. Iron also helps to increase blood in the body. In order to meet the demand for iron, Pregnant mothers have to take 27 grams of iron daily food. The demand for iron from egg yolk, pulse, liver/heart, sweet pumpkin, watermelon can be met.

Folic acid

Pregnant mothers need 0.4 grams of folic acid daily. Folic acid eliminates neural tube cells if they are incompatible. Great examples of lettuce leaves, couch leaves, orange folic acid.

Enough Water For Pregnant Mother’s

Drink plenty of water daily. Water helps to create blood in the body. The blood reaches the baby’s body through nutrition. Water also prevents inflammation of the urinary tract and excess sweating. Different soups, fresh fruit juices can also be consumed with water.

Prohibited diet during pregnancy

  • Raw eggs
  • Semi-meat
  • Unwanted milk
  • Caffeine
  • Marine fish
  • Raw or semi-ripe papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Sesame seeds
  • Crab

So, a pregnant mother should follow this diet plan for her growing baby as well as herself. LIve long.


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