10 Foods Should Avoid feeding your baby Must Follow

10 foods should avoid feeding your baby must follow

To protect your baby, you should maintain specific diet plans and rules. Especially when you are feeding your baby, make sure you are giving them healthy foods. There are many foods that children cannot easily digest, but due to our ignorance, we prefer to eat them. So, every parent should avoid these foods to feed … Read more

Parents Guide How To Increase Baby’s Weight

Parents Guide How To Increase Baby's Weitht

It is very rare to find parents who are not worried about the baby’s weight. The anxiety increases manifold when the baby is low weight. What can you do in this situation? Most importantly, without worrying take the necessary measures and care, so that you can get the child out of trouble. What should you … Read more

Best Foods That Increase Children Height

Best Foods That Increase Children Height

Children Height: All parents worry about their children. And when it comes to raising the child’s well-being and health, there is no word. Whether the child is getting proper nutrition during the daily diet, they also have many questions about this. Because of the proper growth of the baby depends on nutrition. So parents need … Read more