Parents Guide How To Increase Baby's Weitht

Parents Guide How To Increase Baby’s Weight

It is very rare to find parents who are not worried about the baby’s weight. The anxiety increases manifold when the baby is low weight. What can you do in this situation? Most importantly, without worrying take the necessary measures and care, so that you can get the child out of trouble.

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What should you do for your baby’s weight gain:

1. Change your child’s dietary routine in simple words. Keep all healthy foods in the baby’s diet. Make sure your baby’s calorie intake is meeting your child’s needs.

2. Always try to feed your baby healthy foods, never be addicted to junk food or fast food. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get the child interested in healthy foods.

3. Make mealtime pleasurable and do not rush to feed your baby. All of the family sit together with the baby to eat food.

4. Get help from the baby while cooking and serving different recipes and serving meals. This will make him more interested in food. And encourage your child to eat frequently, which is the key to gaining the baby’s weight.

5. A list of foods that are most needed to increase your baby’s weight:

  • Milk and milk products like ghee, cheese, pudding, etc.
  • Protein foods like eggs, nuts, bean sprouts.
  • The diet of sugars such as potatoes, rice, bread, etc.

6. If your child chooses too much and does not want to eat calorie-rich foods, let him eat the calorie-rich drinks he/she needs, but it is definitely advisable by a doctor.

7. If your child just eating and drinking ordinary water or drinks. That’s habit reduces the appetite of the baby and irregularities in the feeding of the baby. So, give them nutrients foods to get enough weight.

8. Measure the regular baby’s weight to be aware of the baby’s growth.

9. Research proved that baby’s who are regularly get enough sleep have improved attention, memory, behavior and learning capacity as well as physical and mental health.

10. After 12 months, your babies no need to boil tap water. Make sure your baby’s taking enough water regularly. If your baby 4-6 months, then give them a few sips of water a couple of times during a day ( not more than 2 ounces per 24 hours).

So, to get enough your baby’s weight then make sure you are maintaining all of these diet plans and rules. If you love this article then share it with your friends and family. Long live.


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