10 examples of optative sentences

Optative sentences are used to express wishes, desires, hopes, blessings, or prayers. Generally, optative sentences start with the word “may” or “let”. 

10 examples of optative sentences:

  1. Let there be peace on Earth.
  2. May your dreams come true.
  3. Let the sunshine on your day.
  4. May Allah bless you and keep you.
  5. Let us all find love and happiness.
  6. May you have a long and happy life.
  7. May your journey be safe and smooth.
  8. Let there be harmony among all nations.
  9. May the future bring prosperity and success.
  10. Let your heart be filled with joy and laughter.

More Examples of Optative Sentences: 

  1. Let there be justice for all.
  2. May your goals be achieved.
  3. Let your dreams take flight.
  4. Let us find strength in unity.
  5. May your efforts be rewarded.
  6. May your wishes be granted.
  7. May your talents shine brightly.
  8. May your soul find inner peace.
  9. Let your creativity flow endlessly.
  10. Let there be love in every heart.
  11. Let there be kindness in the world.
  12. May you find peace within yourself.
  13. Let us all live in harmony with nature.
  14. Let there be hope in times of despair.
  15. May your heart be as pure as a crystal.
  16. May your days be filled with sunshine.
  17. Let us cherish the beauty of the world.
  18. Let there be compassion for those in need.
  19. Let there be success in all your endeavors.
  20. May your friendships be strong and lasting.
  21. Let there be an understanding among all people.
  22. May your family always be close and supportive.
  23. May your troubles be overcome with grace.
  24. May your love grow stronger with each passing day.
  25. Let your voice be heard and your words be wise.

Examples of optative sentences:

  1. May your heart be a source of kindness.
  2. Let there be courage in the face of adversity.
  3. May your dreams be as vast as the universe.
  4. Let us find beauty in the simplest of things.
  5. May your journey be filled with discovery.
  6. Let there be health and happiness in your life.
  7. Let your passion drive you to greatness.
  8. May your days be filled with serenity.
  9. Let there be forgiveness and reconciliation.
  10. May your love be a guiding light.
  11. Let us all find our purpose in life.
  12. May your strength be unwavering.
  13. Let there be gratitude in your heart.
  14. May your challenges lead to growth.
  15. Let your friendships be a source of joy.
  16. May your faith be a source of strength.
  17. Let there be kindness in every gesture.
  18. May your days be filled with adventure.
  19. Let there be harmony in your thoughts.
  20. May your aspirations become a reality.
  21. Let your generosity inspire others.
  22. Let there be peace in troubled times.
  23. Let there be empathy in your actions.
  24. May your love be boundless.
  25. May your goals be within reach.

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