10 foods should avoid feeding your baby must follow

10 Foods Should Avoid feeding your baby Must Follow

To protect your baby, you should maintain specific diet plans and rules. Especially when you are feeding your baby, make sure you are giving them healthy foods. There are many foods that children cannot easily digest, but due to our ignorance, we prefer to eat them. So, every parent should avoid these foods to feed their babies.

Baby Foods

Here The 10 Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Baby:

1. Honey:

Honey should not be given to a baby before the age of 1. Many mothers and grandmothers give honey after birth. Until 6 months, honey and any food can not be given in the mouth of the baby. But honey cannot be given for 1 year. It is because of the fear of botulism of the baby up to 1 year. Honey carries these bacteria. After 1 year the digestive power increases and he can tolerate many foods.

Avoid giving honey to a baby

2. Avoid Giving Salt to a baby:

Kidneys of small children cannot tolerate salt and sodium. Therefore, it is best not to mix the outside salt in baby food. Keep in mind, there are many foods that contain a lot of sodium. Those foods cannot be given to a child. After 1 year you can add a little salt to his diet.

Avoid Giving Salt to a baby

3. Sugar:

No need to mix sugar in baby food. Let the child eat the sweet fruit to feel the sweet taste. Because excess sugar increases the amount of tooth decay. Consuming so much sugar has been linked to a health problem such as skyrocketing obesity rates, immune function can be affected by sugar. so make sure, you are giving your baby less sugar food.

avoid giving sugar to your baby

4. Sour fruits:

Children should not give sour fruit for up to 5 years. Because the fruit of the sour contains different types of acids that children cannot digest. So kids should give sweet fruits. Such as bananas, sweet mangoes, etc. sour fruits like oranges, grapes should not be given within 1 year.

Avoid sour food for your baby

5. Cow’s milk:

Cow’s milk cannot be given to a child until the age of 1 year. Because the amount of protein ratio in cow’s milk is different from mother’s milk and it is not digested by the baby. Not only that, the minerals in cow’s milk can cause problems for the kidney. The stomach can be bad. So avoid giving your baby cow’s milk.

10 Foods Should Avoid feeding your baby Must Follow

6. Peanut:

The peanut butter made from nuts can cause severe allergies in many children. Various nuts and seeds foods should not be eaten at this time. So in your baby’s meal, you should avoid peanut.

peanut should avoid to keep your baby healthy

7. Avoid Chocolates feeding your baby:

Although children love to eat, cocoa used in it destroys the digestive power of children. Many children may have allergies as well. And this chocolate is responsible for many teeth problems.

Avoid chocolates

7. Avoid feeding your baby Citrus Fruits/Berries:

Berries/Citrus fruits like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries contain a high protein element that makes it difficult for a baby to digest. These foods especial citrus fruits mainly contain acid that can hamper an iffy stomach and also lead rashes in the diaper area. After one year you can feed your baby Berries/Citrus fruit juice. So, take care of your baby by maintaining his/her daily meals.

Avoid Berries/Citrus fruits feeding your child

8. Wheat:

Another allergen, it’s endorsed which you must refrain your child from consuming any merchandise crafted from wheat. More than half a populace capabilities a sturdy hypersensitivity to wheat and if you’ve had such instances inside the own family records, an entire keep off is suggested at least until the time the infant turns one. Another important purpose to keep a distance from wheat that includes gluten, which is a protein that may motive tummy trouble for the babies.

Avoid feeding your babies wheat

9. Avoid Feeding babies Egg Whites:

Avoid feeding your babies any kinds of egg products under the age of one. Egg contains allergic protein that could be hampering your child’s allergies in the future. While the proteins in egg yolks are less a supply of allergens, the proteins in egg whites can also cause allergic reactions. After 5 years a child can digest egg whites and there is no reaction from allergic.

Avoid feeding babies egg whites

10. Soft Foods:

Foods like jellies, marshmallows, and any other type of soft food must now not be given to an infant. These meals can without difficulty inn in a toddler’s throat.

avoid soft food to giving you baby

Don’t be careless about your baby’s health. Try to avoid these foods to feed your babies and take care as much as possible. Every child needs extra health care to keep healthy and sound so don’t be careless about the child’s health.


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