Inani Beach Travel Guide|You should know before travel

Inani Beach Travel Guide|You should know before travel

Inani Beach is one of the attractive sea beaches in the tourism sector of Cox’s Bazar district. In Inani Sea Beach there are boulders of stone and coral. Inani sea beach is only 5 km further from Himachari. Many coral stones have been deposited in the sandy land, floating from the sea. Similar to this beach can be found in St. Martin’s beach. Anyone standing on the Inani beach can think of standing on St. Martin. Standing on the coral, watching the sea is different. Inani, in a sense, is called the nature of heaven. Inani shields the coast from its breakage of natural coral and rocks from the coast to Teknaf. These stones have given extra beauty to Inani beach.

Inani Beach

Coral and stone are the main attractions of Inani beach. Almost every stone is of different sizes and types. How old is that stone! And how many memories are mixed with it! you will just surprise to see these. If you go to Inani beach via Technaf Marine Drive, your eyes will be covered with high mountains and waves of high seas. Not just the eyes, but the whole time you will be in a kind of decision-making! The mountains on one side are the sea on the other. Which one will you see? The mind will want to see both sides.

The wave of inani sea beach

The blue waters of the sea match the rows of stones. Once the rocks are submerged in the seawater and float again. How many small red crabs, fish, snails, oysters in the seawater accumulate in the gaps of stone. During the Inani beach tides, the slopes are completely risk-free as the Inani beach is very wide and rocky. At other times, standing on a stone will feel like standing right in the middle of the sea. In the afternoon, on the eve of sunset, a procession of red crabs came out of the hole as they prepared to say goodbye to the incoming sun. Then the sun and the beaches blend together.

Jeep car to go inani beach

When the speeding jeep runs off, looking at the open jeep, looking away, it will feel like you are wandering in a dream country. It may be the best experience of your life. On the way, you will see children wearing red dresses to go to school. There will be plants on the other side of the sea. On one side of the road, there will be high mountains on the other side of the sea. You will be thrilled to hear songs of birds. You will feel a real natural beauty on the way to Inani beach.

Way of inani beach

The rows of distant trees can be seen along the shores of the hills, along with the beaches. Sometimes standing on one leg of a coconut tree adds a different dimension to the beauty. You will see mountains and small fountains everywhere.

cox's bazar sea beach

This beach is completely different from Cox’s Bazar Maine Beach. Hundreds of years old stones are scattered all over the sand on the shores of the sea. Sea waves are falling over rocks. Visitors are now comfortable with picnics on the Inani beach. Every year many schools and college in Cox’s Bazar organizes annual travel and cultural events.

How to go Inani Beach:

By Jeep:

An open jeep is available from Cox’s Bazar to Inani beach. Reserve rent is available for Taka 1500-2000. A jeep can carry 12 to 5 people.

By Bus:

From Dhaka there are available many bus services like Saudia, S Alam’s Mercedes-Benz, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Transport, Sohag Transport, S-Alam Transport, Modern Line, Shah Bahadur, St. Martin and other buses can go to Cox’s Bazar. There are AC and non-AC buses. The fare will be between 900-2000 Taka. After arrival at cox’s bazar take a jeep to go to Inani beach.

By Train:

If you want to get on the train, then you have to get out of Kamalapur and get down to Chittagong. From Chittagong then you have to go to Cox’s Bazar. Then take a jeep/CNG to go to Inani beach.

By Plane:

The plane can be reached in Cox’s Bazar in just 45 minutes. Regular flights to Cox’s Bazar include Novo Air, Regent Airways, United Airways, and others. In this case, the rent will be Tk 6500-8000. Then take the jeep car to go to Inani beach.

Inani and Himachari can travel on the same journey. The time and cost will be very much saved. In the morning you can travel from two places and return in the afternoon. From Cox’s Bazar Kalatali beach take a local jeep to go to Inani sea beach. In a jeep, 10-15 people can easily get.

Where to stay:

There are some hotels and resorts around Inani Beach. Among them is Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Resort (+ 880 1844016001), Inani Royal Resort, La Bella Resort. However, it is most convenient to stay in a hotel in Cox’s Bazar because of its proximity to Cox’s Bazar.

Where to eat:

You can easily travel Inani Sea Beach within 5-6 hours so you can carry with light dry food to eat. So return to your hotel and have your meal at cox’s bazar. Cox’s Bazaar has a variety of restaurants for food. And some middle-class restaurants like Rodella, Jhawban, Poshi, Niribili, etc.

Be careful when you go to the beach, watch the tide.

Any tourist destination is our property, the wealth of our country. Avoid doing anything that is harmful to the natural or beauty of these places. We are also responsible for taking care of everything in our country.






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