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A dialogue about importance of punctuality in life.

A dialogue about importance of punctuality in life.

Question: Suppose, you are Ahona/Tariqul, your friend is Imdad/Shabrina. Now write a dialogue between you(Ahona) and your friend(Imdad) about the importance of punctuality in life.

dialogue about the importance of punctuality in life:

Ahona Hello Imdad, How are you doing?
Imdad I’m doing well. What about you?
Ahona I’m also well. Have you finished today’s English lesson? I need some help regarding today’s lesson.
Imdad Not yet. I’ll read it tomorrow.
Ahona That’s not right. You should maintain punctuality in your life.
Imdad Is punctuality so important in student life?
Ahona Of course, You have to be punctual in your daily life to maintain all of your classes and homework.
Imdad I think you are absolutely right. I do not maintain punctuality in my daily life and that is the main reason why I can never complete my work on time.
Ahona That’s a bad habit. Every person should maintain punctuality in their life to get their work done.
Imdad Yes, you are right. As a student, we must maintain punctuality to our study. I was wrong but from now on I’ll maintain punctuality in my life.
Ahona Yes, That’s great. Student life is the best time to follow the habit of punctuality.
Imdad You are very punctual in your studies which makes you the first student in our class.
Ahona Yes, it’s true. I always try to work on time and I’m very strict to maintain punctuality in my life.
Imdad I really appreciate you for discussing this helpful topic. You saved me.
Ahona As a friend, it’s my duty. Best of luck, my dear friend.
Imdad Thank you very much.
Ahona You’re welcome.

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