A dialogue about aim in life | aim in life dialogue

A dialogue about aim in life | aim in life dialogue

Question: Suppose, you are Rekha/Rashed and your friend is Ahona/Habib who wants to know about your aim in life. Now, Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your aim in life.

A dialogue about aim in life:

Rekha Hello friend! How are you?
Habib I’m fine. Thank you. What about you?
Rekha I’m also fine. By the way, What do you think about your future?
Habib Do you want know about my aim in life?
Rekha Oh yes, You got the main point. Can you share with me your aim in life.
Habib off course. I want to be a doctor. Now, tell me your aim in life.
Rekha I want to be a teacher. So, why do you want to be a doctor?
Habib You know, Doctor is a noble profession. It give hopes to the peoples. Also, our country needs more medical specialist to serve the people. 
Rekha That’s great. How can you serve the people?
Habib Actually, I’ve a dream to build up a hospital at my village. Where i can serve the better treatment to the villagers.
Rekha Oh that’s a beautiful idea. I think you are a man of great humanity.
Habib Don’t mention that Rekha. You are also thinking about a noble profession.
Rekha Right you are. Teaching is also a noble profession. Actually, I love to teach someone what I know. 
Habib That’s fine. You have to be mentally satisfied that what you are doing.
Rekha Absolutely right. By the way, To reach our aim in life we have to work hard from now. What do you think?
Habib Yes,  I’ve already started my journey by maintaining a daily routine. 
Rekha Wow, That a great idea to study maintaining a daily routine. thanks for sharing your idea. 
Habib As a friend it’s my duty. 
Rekha That’s good. I pray for your success. 
Habib Thank you so much. I also pray for you to reach your aim in life.

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