A dialogue about how to learn English well

A dialogue about how to learn English well

Question: Suppose, you are Samad/Samiya and know that English is an international language. It is a foreign language also. So students as well as the common people face problems in learning this language. Yet, it is essential for us. Now, write a dialogue between you and your teacher about how to learn English well.

Answer: A dialogue about how to learn English well.

Samad Good morning, sir. How are you doing?
Teacher Good morning. I’m good. how are you?
Samad I’m doing good. sir, have you thought an issue that the significance of English is increasing day by day.
Teacher Indeed, You’ve raised a significant term. To go into any global perspective, Knowing English is an unquestionable requirement.
Samad That implies we need to put pressure much on learning English, haven’t we?
Teacher Obviously. As English is an international language, we can’t but learn English.
Samad But how can we learn English so easily?
Teacher You can develop your English language by reading books and newspapers also you can listen to English music, discussion, program, and news. The easiest way to learn English is by watching movies with English subtitles.
Samad How can I develop my speaking English?
Teacher Oh, That’s an interesting question. You know, “Practice makes a man perfect. You should speak English with your friends and neighbors.
Samad Should I need to learn Grammar?
Teacher Yes, You should learn Parts of speech, sentence, number, gender, tense, and also you have to learn a lot of vocabulary.
Samad Why do we need to learn grammar?
Teacher For proper speaking and writing, you should read grammar.
Samad Thank you, sir, For your valuable and informative suggestions.
Teacher Thank you too and better luck to you.

Some benefits of learning English:

  • Increases your travel opportunities
  • Encourages You Get Into Great Schools
  • Accomplishment in Business and Education
  • Become a Better Writer
  • Better workplaces
  • Improved Focus
  • Getting Immigration Benefits

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