dialogue about the importance of learning English

A dialogue about the importance of learning English

Question: Write a dialogue with you and your friend Shakib/Tamim about the importance of learning English.

Answer: a dialogue about the importance of learning English.
Shakib Hello friend! How are you?
Tamim Fine. And you?
Shakib I’m also fine. I’m looking for you?
Tamim Why?
Shakib Can you tell me about the importance of learning English?
Tamim Yes, why not? You know, English is an international language. English plays an important role in communication in the whole world. By the way, there is a massive use of the English Language all over the world.
Shakib Is English a communicative medium? are people internationally using this language?
Tamim Not only English is a communication medium but also it is a widely accepted language to communicate with each other.
Shakib Ok. What are the opportunities to learn English?
Tamim There are many opportunities to learn English. You can communicate with overseas people, Good Job opportunities, opportunities for higher education, Scholarship facilities, etc.
Shakib OMG! lots of opportunities for learning English. How can I improve my learning English?
Tamim There are lots of ways to learn English. You can learn English by reading books, watching English movies, talking with friends, etc.
Shakib You know lots of things about learning English. Are you doing any English courses?
Tamim Yes, I started learning English from two months ago in a coaching center. You can join with me.
Shakib Sure, there are lots of importance in learning English. I will join you next month.
Tamim Oh, that’s great. I’m waiting for you. See you again. thanks,
Shakib Thank you too. take care.

If are you a student or a job holder then it is very essential for you to learn English.

Why learning English is Important:

  1. You will avail to communicate in a new language.
  2. Better job opportunities all over the world.
  3. English is one of the Best Languages to Learn For Travel.
  4. It Helps You Get Into Great Schools.
  5. Increased problem-solving abilities.
  6. Get Success in Business and Education.
  7. Enjoy Classic Literature and Films in your Native Language.
  8. Get more personal satisfaction.
  9. It can help you to compete with challenging people.
  10. You will get immigration benefits.

Right now you know that there are lots of benefits to learning English. By the way, Learning a new language is always a great idea and opens lots of opportunities. Mostly 2 billion people are speaking English today. So, start learning the English language to compete with the challenging world.


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