A dialogue about bad effects of smoking | bad effect of smoking

A dialogue about bad effects of smoking | bad effect of smoking

Question: Suppose, you are Zarif and your friend is Rimon. Make a dialogue between you and your friend about bad effects of smoking.

A dialogue about bad effects of smoking:

Zarif Hello, Rimon, How are you doing?
Rimon I’m doing well. What about you?
Zarif I’m also good. Are you free today? Let’s play a cricket match in the afternoon.
Rimon Oh sorry, I can’t. My older brother is very sick. I have to go hospital with him.
Zarif I’ve heard your brother become a chain smoker nowadays. Is he suffering from asthma?
Rimon Yes, you are right. I always warned him to stop smoking but he didn’t.
Zarif Some of my friends have also become addicted to smoking which will make them physically ill.
Rimon What are the bad effects of smoking to the human body?
Zarif Smoking damages our lungs and can cause various fatal diseases.
Rimon Can you name some of the diseases that are caused by smoking?
Zarif Oh, sure. Smoking causes various fatal diseases like asthma, cancer, bronchitis, blood pressure etc.
Rimon I also heard some bad effects of smoking like lung damage, heart disease, risk of pregnancy complications, unhealthy skin and hair, coughing etc.
Zarif Oh my God! You know, Non-smokers can also be affected if smokers smoke cigarettes in front of them.
Rimon That’s how smoking can destroy our normal life. Can you tell me, How can we protect ourselves from smoking?
Zarif Sure, we should inform our friends, family and neighbours about the bad effects of smoking without making any delay.
Rimon Of course. Moreover, we can protect ourselves from the dangers of smoking by promoting the bad effects of smoking in different places.
Zarif Right you are. Thank you, Rimon for discussion a very important topic.
Rimon Thank you too.

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