A dialogue about organizing an English Language club in the school

Question: Suppose you are Kamal reading in Govt. Habibur Rahman School, Cumilla. You want to organize an English Language club in the school. Now make a conversation with the Headmaster about organizing an English Language club in your school.

Answer: A dialogue about organizing an English Language club in the school

Kamal May I come in, sir?
Headmaster Yes, come in. How are you, Kamal?
Kamal I’m fine. How are you, sir?
Headmaster I’m good. By the way, do you have anything to say?
Kamal Yes, sir. I would like to organize an English language club in our school. English is an international language and, many people speak this language. We need proficiency in English for higher education and also in the job market. If you kindly help me to do it. I’d be grateful to you forever, sir.
Headmaster That’s a really great idea. I appreciate it. An English language club is a place for English learners to use English outside the classroom setting. Write an application and I’ll recommend it. 
Kamal Yes, sir. I have already written an application. Here it is, sir. 
Headmaster Give it to me. I will take all necessary steps to implement it as soon as possible.
Kamal Thank you, sir. That’s really great news for me.
Headmaster Welcome to you. Take care.

Importance of English Language club in Schools:

  • It helps students learn the correct English pronunciation.
  • It helps students learn about different cultures and religions.
  • Helping students use standard English in their practical lives.
  • It also helps Creating opportunities for students to express their opinions.
  • Providing opportunities for students to improve their listening and speaking skills.
  • It helps to increase the fluency and build confidence in thinking and speaking English.
  • An English language club frees students from the conventional academic syllabus, exams, and learning.

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