Can I See Your ID Answer in IELTS Speaking Interview

Can I See Your ID Answer in IELTS Speaking Interview?

Can I See Your ID? Answer in IELTS Speaking Interview. Here we have mentioned some answers to this question “Can I See Your ID?”

Question: Can I See Your ID?

Answer: 1

ExaminerWelcome to the speaking portion of the IELTS exam. My name is John. I will be your examiner for this part of the test and I’ll give you instructions for each of the three parts. Firstly, I will record this for marking purposes. Part 1, I will ask you a few questions to get to know you better and some questions on a general topic. What is your full name?
CandidateMy full name is Shamim Ahmed. Please just call me Shamim.
ExaminerOkay, Shamim, may I see your identification, please?
CandidateYes, of course. Here’s my passport please have a look.
ExaminerThank you. Okay, here’s is your passport back.

Answer: 2

ExaminerGood afternoon, my name is William.
CandidateThank you, Good afternoon.
ExaminerWould you please tell me your full name?
CandidateMy name is Redoy Hossain.
ExaminerCan I see your identification?
CandidateSure, here you are.
ExaminerWonderful, Thank you very much, here you go.

Answer 03: Q: Can I See Your ID?

ExaminerMy name is Benjamin. I’ll be your examiner for this part of the test. To begin, Can I see your identification, please?
CandidateOf course, Here it is.
ExaminerThank you. and, what is your full name, please?
CandidateMy full name is Aarush Kumar.
ExaminerOkay. and, what should I call you?
CandidateYou can just call me Aarush.
ExaminerOkay, Aarush. I’m going to put your passport here, and, I will give it back to you at the end of the speaking exam.

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