Most commonly misspelled words

Most commonly misspelled words | 1000 Commonly Misspelled Words

Correct spelling of words is very essential for English writing. Usually, we misspell many words when writing in English. Writing in English is easier if we can memorize misspelled words. In this article, we share the most misspelled words for you.

Most commonly misspelled words

Ascent Appetite
Ascertain Apprehend
Ascension Appropriate
Assessment Approval
Assignment Aquarium
Acquiescence Arbitrariness
Adulteration Archaeology
Advertisement Archipelago
Abattoir Argument
Abduction Advisory
Abhorrence Aestheticism
Aborigines Agreeable
Absorb Assassination
Abundance Attentive
Acclamation Astronaut
Accommodation Asylum
Accelerate Attendance
Accessible Awful
Accession Aweary
Accessories Authoritative
Accusation Amalgamation
Accustom Antecedent
Achievement Antediluvian
Acknowledgment Anachronism
Acquaintance Annihilation
Adolescence Anonymous
Assurance Acceptable
Accidentally Acquit
Amateur Apparent

Correct Spelling of Words: B

Barrier Blossom
Believe Balloon
Believable Bouquet
Beginning Bourgeoisie
Belligerent Bowler
Bellicosity Brochure
Bizarre Buffalo
Blasphemy Bureaucracy
Brownie Bureaucrat
Burgomaster Bellwether

Correct Spelling of Words: C

Category Colonel
Catalyst Colleague
Catastrophe Collateral
Cadaverous Collaboration
Calendar Compulsory
Caffeine Competition
Calligraphy Comparative
Camouflage Committee
Cessation Commitment
Certainty Commission
Censor Commentary
Ceiling Commemorate
Cigarette Coming
Cholera Conceive
Chancellery Convenience
Chrysanthemum Concession
Conveyance Contiguous
Conundrum Conglomerate
Counsel Contemplation
Council Contamination
Corruption Connotation
Courteous Connoisseur
Courier Conquer
Criticize Conqueror
Curriculum Constellation
Credentials Conspicuous
Conscientious Conscience
Consensus Cemetery
Column Committed
Correct Spelling of Words: D
Development Diligent
Dependent Dilemma
Definition Dilapidated
Degradation Dinosaur
Deceive Disaster
Deceit Diphtheria
Decathlon Disappointed
Delegate Discrete
Descending Discipline
Desiccate Dissident
Diagnosis Dissemination
Diarrhoea Dissonance
Dying Domicile
Dyeing Dumbbell
Dysentery Dossier
Correct Spelling of Words: E
Enormous Experiment
Exaggerate Explanation
Exaggeration Exploratory
Exemplification Extension
Exhilaration Extempore
Evanescence Exterminate
Elementary Exemplary
Elephantiasis Encyclopedia
Embarrassing Endeavour or Endeavor
Embarrassment Enthusiastic
Earth Environment
Education Envision
Efflorescence Equilibrium
Existence Expedient
Entrepreneur Experience

Correct Spelling of Words: F

Forfeit Fugitive
Foreigner Fluctuate
Forty Familiar
Forgetful Fascination
folklore Favorable
Fulfil Fallacious

Correct Spelling of Words: G

Garbage Grammatic
Gazette Grateful
Gesture Grievance
Giraffe Grotesque
Gorgeous Guillotine
Government Gynophobia
Grammar Gyration

Most commonly misspelled words: H

Hallucination Heinous
Harmonious Headache
Humorous Hostility
Heterogeneous Hygiene
Hideous Hyacinth
Harass Height

Most commonly misspelled words: I

Immediately Institution
Imaginary Innocuous
Implementation Inoculate
Impressionable Innumerable
Inaugurate Intentional
Inaccessibility Interrogate
Incandescent Intimidating
Inconvenience Illegitimate
Incriminate Illuminate
Incredible Intolerance
Incumbent Intuition
Indigenous Irresolute
Indispensable Irresistible
Indiscretion Isosceles
Indifference Itinerary
Inflammation Ignorance
Intelligence Independent
Ignorance Immediate

Most commonly misspelled words: J

Jewellery Jewelry
Jurisdiction Juvenile
Jubilee Judgment

Most commonly misspelled words: K

Most commonly misspelled words: L
Leisure License
Laboratory Lieutenant
Licence Lying
Liaison license
Most commonly misspelled words: M
Machinery Millionaire
Magnificent Millennium
Magnanimous Mesmerising (British spelling of mesmerizing)
Maintenance Melamine
Malicious Maneuver
Malevolent Marriage
Malnutrition Masquerade
Miser Mausoleum
Miscreant Medieval
Minuscule Merchant
Miscellaneous Missionary
Modification Misspell
Mongoose Moustache
Memento Miniature

Most commonly misspelled words: N

Necessary Nonentity
Numerical Nonetheless
Neighbor Noticeable

Most commonly misspelled words: O

Obstacle Ominous
Obsession Occasion
Obnoxious Orthopaedic
Occur Ornithology
Occurrence Ostentatious
Occurred Occasionally

Correct Spelling of Words: P

Palate Parliament
Palatable Parasite
Paleontology Parallel
Pediatric Passenger
Personnel Philosopher
Perseverance Posthumous
Pharmaceutical Precedence
Pharmacopoeia Primary
Phenomenological Privilege
Possession Principal
Professor Protuberant
Problem Phoenix
Professional Phonetic
Pronunciation Physic
Prosperity Physique
Proprietor Pneumonia
Protection Pomegranate
Psychotic Pusillanimous
Psychology Puttee
Prudency Putrescent
Punctual Playwright
Possession Precede

Most commonly misspelled words: Q

Questionnaire Quorum

Correct Spelling of Words: R

Recipient Recession
Recipe Recognition
Receive Reconciliation
Rejoice Reconnaissance
Relevant Ridiculous
Remittance Rigorous
Reminiscence Righteous
Renaissance Rhythm
Renascence Reversal
Rumour Restaurant
Rumbustious Rhododendron
Repercussion Resistance
Repetition Rendezvous
Receipt Recommend
Referred Reference

Most commonly misspelled words: S

Schedule Sergeant
Superior Separate
Supersede Secretariat
Superstitious Sedentary
Surveillance Serviceable
Surreptitious Spelling
Susceptible Supercilious
Synaesthesia Successful
Sobriety Subsequent
Sophisticated Shakespear
Sovereignty Schizophrenic
Satellite Salient
Sabotage Sanitary

Most commonly misspelled words: T

Tuition Tsunami
Tuberculosis Triumph
Typhoid Truthfulness
Trespass Transparency
Tremendous Translucent
Tolerate Transitory
Tomorrow Transfiguration
Terrify Taxidermist
Technology Television
Threshold Twelfth

Correct Spelling of Words: U

Universal Unfair
Umpteen Unceremonious
Underrate Until

Correct Spelling of Words: V

Voluntary Visionary
Volunteer Voluptuous
Versatile Vouchsafe
Vacancy Vulnerability

Correct Spelling of Words: W

Wrapper Walkie-talkie
Whether Wiki Leaks
Whisper Writing
Withhold Weather

Correct Spelling of Words: Y

Yacht Yeast

Spelling MCQ Question with Answer: A

  1. Choose the correctly spelled word:
    A) Accilerate
    B) Accelerate
    C) Accilarate
    D) Accelerrate
    Answer: Accelerate
  2. Choose the correct spelling:
    A) Acesorize
    B) Exceorise
    C) Accessories
    D) Excesorize
    Answer: Accessories
  3. Identify the correct spelling:
    A) Acommodation
    B) Accommodation
    C) Acomodation
    D) Accomodation
    Answer: Accommodation
  4. Which one is the right spelling:
    A) Acheivement
    B) Acheivment
    C) Achievement
    D) Achievment
    Answer: Achievement
  5. Identify the correct spelling:
    A) Acquiescence
    B) Acquisence
    C) Acquissence
    D) Aquicence
    Answer: Acquiescence
  6. Which one is the right spelling:
    A) Adolessence
    B) Adolesence
    C) Adolescance
    D) Adolescence
    Answer: Adolescence
  7. Choose the correctly spelled word.
    A) Acquiescence

    B) Acquisence
    C) Acquissence
    D) Aquicence
    Answer: Acquiescence
  8. Find out the word that is spelled correctly:
    A) Addultration
    B) Adulteration
    C) Adultration
    D) Addulteration
    Answer:  Adulteration
  9. Choose the correct spelling word:
    A) Asassimation
    B) Aggresive
    C) Anouncement
    D) Annihilate
    Answer: Annihilate
  10. Identify the correct spelling:
    A) Asurance
    B) Assurance
    C) Assurence
    D) Asurence
    Answer: Assurance

Spelling MCQ Question with Answer: B

  1. Which of the following spelling is correct?
    A) Barrier
    B) Barier
    C) Barriar
    Answer: Barrier
  2. Choose the correct spelling word:
    A) Bizare
    B) Bizzare
    C) Bizarre
    Answer: Bizarre
  3. Which of the following spelling is correct?
    A) Believable
    B) Belevable
    C) Believeable
    D) Beleveble
    Answer: Believable
  4. Select the correctly spelled word:
    A) Bureoucacy
    B) Boreaucracy
    C) Burioucracy
    Answer: Bureaucracy
  5. Which spelling is correct?
    A) Buffaloo
    B) Bufalo
    C) Buffalo
    Answer: Buffalo
  6. Which is the right spelling?
    A) Boquet
    B) Bouquete
    C) Bouquet
    Answer: Bouquet
  7. Choose the correct spelling.
    A) Brochure
    B) Brochur
    C) Broshur
    Answer: Brochure
  8. Identification of correct spelling.
    A) Blasfami
    B) Blasphemy
    C) Blasfemi
    D) Blusphemy
    Answer: Blasphemy
  9. Find out the sentence that has no spelling errors.
    A) I do not believe you at all
    B) Please give me a receept
    C) I shall never deceive you in any circumastance
    D) It is amezing
    Answer: A) I do not believe you at all
  10. Choose the correct spelling.
    A) Baller
    B) Ballar
    C) Bowler
    D) Bowlar
    Answer: Bowler

Spelling MCQ Question with Answer: c

  1. The correct spelling is—
    A) Caffeine
    B) Caffine
    C) Caffen
    D) Caffaine
    Answer: Caffeine
  2. Which one is the correct spelling?
    A) Cadavarous
    B) Cedavarous
    C) Cedavorous
    D) Cadaverous
    Answer: Cadaverous
  3. The correct spelling is—
    A) Calandar
    B) Calendar
    C) Kalendar
    D) Calader
    Answer: Calendar
  4. Which one is correctly spelled?
    A) Komel
    B) Colonel
    C) Koronel
    D) Cornel
    Answer: Colonel
  5. Mark the correctly spelled word from the alternatives.
    A) Chrysanthemum
    B) Krysanthemum
    C) Chrysanthemam
    D) Chrysenthimum
    Answer: Chrysanthemum
  6. Choose the correct spelling.
    A) Certainity
    B) Sertainty
    C) Certainty
    D) Certeinty
    Answer: Certainty
  7. Which one is the correct spelling?
    A) Colaborett
    B) Collaborate
    C) Colabrate
    D) Colaboarate
    Answer: Collaborate
  8. Which of the following words is misspelled?
    A) Beginning
    B) Comming
    C) Become
    D) Occurred
    Answer: Comming
  9. Which one is the correct spelling?
    A) Cigarettes
    B) Cigarrets
    C) Ciggarest
    D) Cigerates
    Answer: Cigarettes
  10. Which of the following words are wrong in spelling?
    A) Pneumonia
    B) Colera
    C) Dyspepsia
    D) Diarrhoea
    Answer: Colera

Spelling MCQ Question with Answer: D

  1. Choose the word correctly spelled.
    A) Decathlon
    B) Decatholon
    C) Decatholone
    D) Decethlone
    Answer: Decathlon
  2. Choose the correct spelling.
    A) Defination
    B) Definition
    C) Difination
    D) Definetion
    Answer: Definition
  3. Which of these words is misspelled?
    A) Truly
    B) Receive
    C) Separate
    D) Defenite
    Answer: Defenite
  4. No spelling error occurs in—
    A) Decieve
    B) Decive
    C) Deceive
    D) Decerve
    Answer: Deceive
  5. Which of the following words is misspelled?
    A) Belief
    B) Deciet
    C) Receive
    D) Preview
    Answer: Deciet
  6. Identify the wrongly spelled word.
    A) Degidration
    B) Parliament
    C) Embarrassment
    D) Millennium
    Answer: Degidration
  7. Find out the incorrect spelling.
    A) Deligent
    B) Catalogue
    C) Privilege
    D) Occasion
    Answer: Deligent
  8. Find the incorrect word.
    A) Dirrhea
    B) Cholera
    C) Typhoid
    D) Dehydration
    Answer: Dirrhea
  9. Identify the correct spelling word.
    A) Disciplin
    B) Dicipline
    C) Discipline
    D) Desciipline
    Answer: Discipline
  10. Identification of correct spelling.
    A) Dysentery
    B) Dysentry
    C) Deasentry
    D) Desentery
    Answer: Dysentery

Spelling MCQ Question with Answer: E

  1. Choose the correct spelling:
    A) Endevour
    B) Endaevour
    C) Endover
    D) Endeavour
    Answer: Endeavour
  2. Which of the following words is spelled incorrectly?
    A) Democratic
    B) Examplay
    C) Decision
    D) Ingenious
    Answer: Examplay
  3. Identification of correct spelling.
    A) Exaggerate
    B) Exegerate
    C) Exeggarate
    D) Exagertat
    Answer: Exaggerate
  4. Select the correctly spelled word.
    A) Equilebrium
    B) Equalibrium
    C) Equallbrium
    D) Equilibrium
    Answer: Equilibrium
  5. Find the correctly spelled word.
    A) Environment
    B) Enviournment
    C) Enviroment
    D) Envirment
    Answer: Environment
  6. Choose the correct spelling.
    A) Inormus
    B) Inermus
    C) Enormus
    D) Enormous
    Answer: Enormous
  7. Find the correctly spelled word.
    A) Entraapreneur
    B) Entrepreneur
    C) Entrapraneur
    D) Enterpreneur
    Answer: Entrepreneur
  8. Which one of the following words is spelled incorrectly?
    A) Cigarettes
    B) Sausage
    C) Grammatical
    D) Examplification
    Answer: Examplification
  9. Choose the correctly spelled word.
    A) Evanescence
    B) Evenescence
    C) Evanescense
    D) Evanecence
    Answer: Evanescence
  10. The correctly spelled word is—
    A) Escalater
    B) Estuary
    C) Etherial
    D) Exquisit
    Answer: Estuary

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