Pronoun exercises with answers

Pronoun exercises with answers | Learn Pronoun

A pronoun is a substitute word for Noun or Noun phrase. For Example— He, She, us, that, who, one, themselves, etc.

Sentence example of pronoun:

  • I am a boy.
  • She is a teacher.
  • Her dress is old.
  • These are her books.
  • That is a bird.
  • Who stole my car?

Classification of Pronoun:

Pronoun Example
1. Personal Pronoun I, we, you, they, he, she, me, it, etc.
2. Demonstrative Pronoun This, these, that, those, etc.
3. Interrogative Pronoun Who, whom, what, which, etc.
4. Relative Pronoun Who, whom, whoever, which, whichever, what, whatever, as, that, etc.
5. Distributive Pronoun Each, either, neither, etc.
6. Indefinite Pronoun All, any, one, anyone, anybody, everyone, many, no one, none, nobody, some, someone, somebody, etc.
7. Reflexive Pronoun  Himself, herself, myself, ourselves, themselves, yourself, yourselves, itself, etc.
8. Reciprocal Pronoun Each other, one another, etc.

Pronoun exercises with answers

  1. Which of the following is a demonstrative pronoun?
    A) he
    B) yourself
    C) who
    D) those
    Answer: D) those
  2. It is I who am to blame. Name the pronoun of the underlined word.
    A) Indefinite
    B) Demonstrative
    C) Relative
    D) Interrogative
    Answer: C) Relative
  3. Which of the following has not used relative pronouns?
    A) Which book do you like?
    B) I like people who smile a lot.
    C) There is a programme tonight which you might like.
    D) Those who want tickets can get them from the office.
    Answer: A) Which book do you like?
  4. Which one is a reflexive pronoun?
    A) Who
    B) He
    C) Myself
    D) Each
    Answer: D) Each
  5. Which one of the following words is an example of a distributive pronoun?
    A) That
    B) Such
    C) Either
    D) Any
    Answer: C) Either
  6. One, some, any, many, none are —
    A) Indefinite pronoun
    B) Demonstrative Pronoun
    C) Interrogative Pronoun
    D) Reflexive Pronoun
    Answer: A) Indefinite  Pronoun
  7. Nobody likes her; she talks about ____ all the time.
    A) myself
    B) themselves
    C) self
    D) herself
    Answer: D) herself
  8. They fought with one another. Here ‘ one another’ is ___
    A) Relative pronoun
    B) Reciprocal pronoun
    C) Personal pronoun
    D) Indefinite pronoun
    Answer: B) Reciprocal pronoun
  9. Neither Jane nor ___ have been to the opera.
    A) mine
    B) him
    C) I
    D) her
    Answer: C) I
  10. John is a liar. Do you trust___?
    A) her
    B) him
    C) his
    D) himself
    Answer: B) him
  11. The teacher told ____ to leave.
    A) him and I
    B) he and I
    C) him and me
    D) he and me
    Answer: C) him and me
  12. Let __ introduce ___ to ____.
    A) him, she, them
    B) me, you, him
    C) my, your, his
    D) myself, yours, he
    Answer: B) me, you, him
  13. Which sentence is correct?
    A) He is as good as I.
    B) He is as good as mine.
    C) He is as good as me.
    D) He is as good as myself.
    Answer: A) He is as good as I.
  14. He is older than ____.
    A) me
    B) us
    C) I
    D) my
    Answer:  C) I
  15. It was ____ who first raised the issue in the meeting.
    A) me
    B) I
    C) myself
    D) himself
    Answer: B) I
  16. Didn’t you know that it ____ who played the joke?
    A) was us
    B) were us
    C) was we
    D) were we
    Answer: C) was we
  17. My father never approved of _____ a foreigner.
    A) her marrying
    B) her to marry
    C) she not marry
    D) she marrying
    Answer: A) her marrying
  18. Choose the correct sentence.
    A) He, you and I are present.
    B) You, he and I are present.
    C) You, he and I am present.
    D) I, you and he are present.
    Answer: B) You, he and I are present.
  19. Choose the correct sentence.
    A) I and he will go there.
    B) Me and he will go there.
    C) He and me will go there.
    D) He and I will go there.
    Answer: D) He and I will go there.
  20. Between ___, this is the greatest book I’ve ever read.
    A) I and you
    B) You and me
    C) Me and you
    D) You and I
    Answer: B) You and me

Examples of pronouns in a sentence: Pronoun exercises with answers

  1. All were saved.
  2. This is her book.
  3. These are your books.
  4. I don’t like such persons.
  5. All that glitters is not gold.
  6. None but a fool will believe it.
  7. Either of these boys will help you.
  8. Neither of these blames is true.
  9. Such is his method of counseling.
  10. Those are the hills covered with snow.
  11. I have read the novel which you gave me.
  12. The man who is sincere and honest is liked.
  13. The question which you asked was not logical.
  14. Some are born great, some acquire greatness.
  15. Is this the book which we saw in the other bookstore?

Most of the personal pronouns have different subject and object forms: Pronoun exercises with answers

As Subject
Singular Plural
1st person I we
2nd person you you
3rd person he, she, it They
As Object
Singular Plural
1st person me us
2nd person you you
3rd person him, her, it them

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