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American English and British English Words List A to Z

American and British English often pronounce the same word differently, for example, movie/film, call/ring up, candy/sweets, etc. In this article, you can learn more about the differences between American English and British English words.

American & British English Words: A

American English British English
Airplane Aeroplane
Antenna Aerial
Apologize Apologize or Apologise
Analyze Analyse
Apartment Flat
Analog or Analogue Analogue
Anemia Anaemia
Anesthesia Anaesthesia
Appall Appal
Annex Annexe
Arbor Arbour
Armor Armour
Artifact Artefact
Adhesive tape Sticking plaster
Awaken someone Knock up
Accommodations accommodation
Airfoil Aerofoil
Instant replay Action replay
Allen wrench Allen key
Attorney Barrister
Fall Autumn
Advice columnist Agony aunt

Differences between American and British English: B

American English British English
Bureau Chest of drawers
Billfold Wallet
Balcony Gallery
Baby bed Cot/Crib
Business suit Lounge suite
Bobbie pin Hairgrip
Bathrobe Dressing gown
Breathalyze Breathalyse
Behavior behaviour
Beet Beetroot
Busy Engaged
Bangs Fringe
Blinker, turn signal Indicator
Baby carriage Pram
Bathing Suit Swimming costume / Cozzy
bias-ply cross-ply
Baggage car luggage van
beltway ring road
bachelor party stag night
Bill Banknote
Bathtub Bath
Differences between American and British English: C
American English British English
Center Centre
Candy Sweets
Cookie Biscuit
Cracker Biscuit
Check Cheque
Clothes pin Clothes peg
Cigarette Fag
Catalog Catalogue
Counselor Counsellor
Carburetor Carburettor
Color Colour
Candor Candour
Clamor Clamour
Caliber Calibre
Checkerboard Chequerboard
Checkered Chequered
Cozy Cosy
Curb kerb(noun)
Call Ring up
Chips Crisps
City Corporation
Counter-clockwise Anti-clockwise
Crazy, insane Mad
Corn Maize
Can Tin
Cell Phone Mobile
Checkroom, coatroom Cloakroom
Comforter Duvet
Costumes Fancy dress

American English And British English Words: D

American English British English
Defense Defence
Diaper Nappy
Druggist Chemist
Dialog or dialogue Dialogue
Disheveled Dishevelled
Distill Distil
Diarrhea Diarrhoea
Downtown Centre
Demeanor Demeanour
Donut Doughnut
Dishes Wash up
Drapes Curtains
Drug store / Pharmacy Chemist’s shop
Driver’s license Driving licence
Divided highway Dual carriageway
Directory assistance Directory enquiries
Draft Draught
Delivery truck Van
Doghouse kennel
Dizzy Giddy
Dessert Pudding
Desk clerk Receptionist
Duplex Semi-detached
American & British English Words: E
American English British English
Estrogen Oestrogen
Eon Aeon
Esthetic Aesthetic
Eraser Rubber
Editorial Leader
Enroll Enrol
Elevator Lift
Engineer (train) Driver
Eggplant Aubergine
Exhausted Shattered
American & British English Words: F
American English British English
Flavor Flavour
Favor Favour
Fall Autumn
Fiber Fibre
Favorite Favourite
Faculty Staff
Faucet Tap
Flashlight Torch
French fries Chips
First floor Ground floor
Freeway/superhighway Motorway
Fueling Fuelling
Fish-sticks Fish-fingers
Face cloth, wash cloth Flannel
Freight train Goods train
Fiscal year Financial year
financial year
Fire company/department Fire brigade/service
Front desk Reception (hotel)
Differences between American and British English: G
American English British English
Garbage Rubbish
Gynecologist Gynaecologist
Gram Gramme
Glycerin Glycerine
Grill Grille(noun)
Gonorrhea Gonorrhoea
Gray Grey
Generator Dynamo
Garbage can Dustbin
Gas Petrol
Gas station Filling Station
German shepherd Alsatian
Girl Scout Girl Guide
Gear shift Gear lever
Gym Shoes Plimsolls
groundskeeper groundsman
garters suspenders
general manager managing director/MD
goose bumps goose pimples

American English And British English Words: H

American English British English
Humor Humour
Habor Harbour
Honor Honour
Hood Bonnet
hat Bonnet
Hardware store Ironmonger
Highway Main road
Heavy cream Double cream
Hatrack Hatstand
Homey Homely
Housewares Hardware

American English And British English Words: I

American English British English
Instill Instil
Incorporation Limited
Installment Instalment
Intermission Interval
instant replay action replay
Inquiry Enquiry
inseam inside leg
industrial park trading estate
information assistance directory enquiries
installment plan hire purchase
American English And British English Words: J  & K
American English British English
jail gaol
jewelry jewellery
Jump rope Skipping rope
Janitor Caretaker
Jacket, parka Anorak
Jumper Pinafore Dress
jelly beans jelly babies
Joe Blow Joe Bloggs
jelly roll Swiss roll
kilometer kilometre

American English And British English Words: L

American English British English
labor labour
leukemia leukaemia
license licence
liter litre
last name surname
luster lustre
Line Queue
Lawyer /attorney Solicitor
Legal holiday Bank holiday
License plate Number plate
Lease / rent Let
Lumber room Box room
Ladybug Ladybird
lawn bowling bowls
liquor cabinet drinks cupboard
leverage gearing (finance)
lollipop lolly
layer cake sandwich cake
lumber timber
labor union trade union
lima bean broad bean
living room lounge, sitting room, drawing room, living room
liquor spirits (drink)

American English And British English Words: M & N

American English British English
maneuver manoeuvre
meter metre
meager meagre
Mail Post
Mailbox Pillar-box
Mailman Postman
Movie Film
Movie house/ theater Cinema
Make reservations Book
Motorcycle Motorbike
Meat grinder Mincer
main street high street
Monkey wrench spanner
math maths
Mum / mummy Mom / mommy
Men’s Room Gents
Muffler (car) Silencer(car)
median strip central reservation
mutual fund unit trust
manager director (company)
molasses black treacle
neighbor neighbour
News dealer News agent
newscaster newsreader
nipple teat (baby’s bottle)

American English And British English Words: O

American English British English
Organize organize or organise
offense offence
odor odour
Overpass Flyover
Oil pan Sump
Orchestra seats Stalls
On the weekend At the weekend
odometer milometer
One way ticket Single ticket
oven mitt oven glove
outlet/socket point/powerpoint/socket

Differences between American and British English: P

American English British English
paralyze paralyse
pediatric paediatric
pretense pretence
pediatrician paediatrician
program programme
parlor parlour
plow plough
Precinct District
Period Full stop
Pocket knife Penknife
Package Parcel
Pedestrian crossing Zebra crossing
Powdered sugar Icing sugar
Pants Trousers
pet peeve pet hate
Pavement Road surface
Parking lot Car park
pal mate
pacifier dummy (for baby)
potato chips crisps
Prime rate Base rate
Principal Headmaster, headteacher
Powdered sugar Icing sugar
plastic wrap cling film
pinwale needlecord
physical therapy physiotherapy
punching bag punchbag
public school state school
phonograph/record player gramophone/record player
popsicle iced lolly
pitcher jug
pantry larder
pass overtake (vehicle)
penitentiary prison
Differences between American and British English: R
American English British English
Recognize recognize or recognise
roller coaster big dipper
rancor rancour
rigor rigour
rumor rumour
Round trip ticket Return ticket
Restroom Toilet/cloakroom
Raincoat Mackintosh
Rubber Condom
Recess Break
Realtor Estate agent
railroad railway
room mate flatmate
Robe Dressing Gown
realize realise
rhinestone diamante
rutabaga swede
roomer lodger

Differences between American and British English: S

American English British English
savior saviour
Soccer Football
sneakers trainers
splendor splendour
savor savour
scepter sceptre
sepulcher sepulchre
somber sombre
saber sabre
sulfur sulphur
skeptical sceptical
Sales clerk Shop assistant
Semester Term
Sewer pipe Drain
Sedan Saloon car
Sack lunch Packed lunch
Schedule Time-table
Shorts (underwear) Pants
Station wagon Estate car
Stove Cooker
Sidewalk Footpath
Stroller Pushchair
subway underground(train)
store Shop
Suspenders Braces
Sewer pipe Drain
Sweater Jumper
shoestring bootlace/shoelace
supertitle surtitle
scab blackleg/scab
shade blind (window)
slingshot catapult
spool cotton reel
Differences between American and British English: T
American English British English
Two weeks Fortnight
Truck Lorry
traveled travelled
traveling travelling
traveler traveller
ton tonne
tumor tumour
theater theatre
Take-out Take-away
Tag Label
Tea cart Tea trolley
Thumbtack Drawing pin
Tube Valve
Thread Cotton
Trunk /rear deck Boot
Traffic circle Roundabout
trailer caravan
To fill out To fill in
To bathe To bath
tire tyre

Differences between American and British English: U & V

American English British English
Underwear small
unlisted ex-directory
Undershirt Vest
utility knife Stanley knife
Vacuum cleaner Hoover
valor valour
vigor vigour
Vacation Holiday
vacationer holidaymaker
Vest Waistcoat
valance pelmet

Differences between American and British English: W & X & Y & Z

American English British English
Wash up Wash your hands
Wire Telegram
woolen wollen
Wash cloth Face flannel
Wrench spanner
Windshield Windscreen
Windbreaker Windcheater
Water heater Geyser
wall-to-wall carpeting fitted carpet
warm up knock up (tennis)
Yard Garden
Zip Code Postal Code
Zero Naught
Zucchini Courgette

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