A dialogue about the necessity of extra curricular activities in the school

A dialogue about the necessity of extra curricular activities in the school

Question: Suppose you are Hridoy and your friend is Taskin. Now, write a dialogue between you and Taskin about the necessity of extra curricular activities in the school.

Answer: A dialogue about the necessity of extra curricular activities in the school.

Hridoy Hey, Taskin. How are you?
TaskinI’m fine. What about you?
HridoyI’m also fine. Are you participating debate competition at our school?
TaskinNo. I think participating in extracurricular activities is a waste of time.
HridoyNot at all. Extra-curricular activities are just as important as curricular activities.
TaskinCan you explain what extra-curricular activities are?
HridoySure. As speeches, debates, sports, etc are extra-curricular activities.
TaskinWhy are extra-curricular activities important?
HridoyExtracurricular activities are needed for students because this helps them to know about their talents. So, We should participate in extracurricular activities available in our school.
TaskinI had a misconception about extracurricular activities.
HridoyAbsolutely. Extra-curricular activities are essential because they improve students’ mental and physical health. Participating in these activities builds confidence in the students.
TaskinYou are right. I should join our Debate Club to develop my speaking skills.
HridoySure. I am also interested to join. Tomorrow we will register at the Debate Club.
TaskinThanks for your helpful information and support.
HridoyYou are welcome.

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Importance of Co-Curricular Activities:

  1. It improves your academic performance.
  2. Co-curricular activities offer better opportunities.
  3. It improves your social and organizational skills.
  4. It boosts confidence, accountability, and responsibility.
  5. Co-curricular activities develop your interests and talents.
  6. Co-curricular activities provide better physical and mental health.
  7. It develops some special skills like creative and public speaking skills, leadership qualities, etc.
  8. Co-curricular activities learn essential ethical values such as culture, religion, discipline, and ethics of school life.
  9. Co-curricular activities in the school help the students to sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation, etc.
  10. These activities help develop problem-solving skills, increase concentration, teach teamwork, develop public speaking, and improve students’ overall personalities.
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