A Dialogue About The Bad Effects of Illiteracy

A Dialogue About The Bad Effects of Illiteracy | Bad Effects of Illiteracy Dialogue

Question: Suppose you are Riyad and your friend Imran. Your friend Imran is worried about illiteracy. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the bad effects of illiteracy.

Answer: A Dialogue About The Bad Effects of Illiteracy

Riyad Hello Imran, How are you?
Imran I’m fine. What about you?
Riyad I’m also fine. What have you been thinking for a long time?
Imran I was thinking about illiteracy. Do you know what illiteracy is?
Riyad Illiteracy is the inability to read and write. It is a great problem in our country.
Imran I was thinking about the bad effects of illiteracy in our country. Would you say some bad effects of illiteracy?
Riyad Sure. Illiterate people are unable to make decisions in any bad situation in the country. Moreover, they cannot improve themselves and play an active role in the progress of society. So illiteracy is a curse.
Imran I agree with you. Illiteracy has become a huge problem in national life. 
Riyad People cannot plan for their future due to a lack of education and ignorance. Therefore, poverty is increasing in the country.
Imran Illiteracy is the root cause of poverty. Am I right?
Riyad Absolutely right. Moreover, there are many bad effects of illiteracy such as population problems, prejudice, unemployment, malnutrition, increase in crime, lack of awareness about rights, lack of talent development, etc.
Imran Well said. How is it possible to eradicate illiteracy?
Riyad To make the country illiterate requires a realistic, sustainable and integrated system and its proper implementation.
Imran You’re right. Our government must take all necessary steps to eradicate illiteracy in our country.
Riyad Of course. We should inform others about the importance of education.
Imran Sure Riyad. Thank you for your discussion.
Riyad You’re most welcome.
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Important Vocabulary From This Dialogue:

Words Meaning Words Meaning
Think চিন্তা করা Themselves নিজেদের
Illiteracy নিরক্ষরতা Play খেলা / অভিনয়
Know জানা / জানি Active সক্রিয়
Inability অক্ষমতা Role ভূমিকা
Great বড় / মহান Progress অগ্রগতি
Effects প্রভাব Society সমাজ
Unable অক্ষম Curse অভিশাপ
Decision সিদ্ধান্ত Huge বিশাল
Situation অবস্থা National জাতীয়
Moreover তাছাড়া Future ভবিষ্যৎ
Cannot না পারা Due বাকি
Improve উন্নত করা Education শিক্ষা
Ignorance অজ্ঞতা Such যেমন
Therefore অতএব Population জনসংখ্যা
Poverty দারিদ্র্য Prejudice কুসংস্কার
Absolutely একেবারে Unemployment বেকারত্ব
Moreover তাছাড়া Malnutrition অপুষ্টি
There সেখানে Increase বৃদ্ধি
Many অনেক Crime অপরাধ
Lack of অভাব Awareness সচেতনতা
Rights অধিকার Talent প্রতিভা
Development উন্নয়ন Possible সম্ভব
Eradicate নির্মূল করা Make তৈরি করা
Require প্রয়োজন Realistic বাস্তবসম্মত
Sustainable টেকসই Integrate একীভূত করা
System পদ্ধতি Implementation বাস্তবায়ন
Right ঠিক Should উচিত
Inform অবহিত করা Other অন্যান্য
Importance গুরুত্ব Discussion আলোচনা
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