A Dialogue About How To Improve English

A Dialogue About How To Improve English | How to Improve English Dialogue

Question: Suppose, Jafor is weak in English. He wants some suggestions from Khalid for improving his skill in English. Now, write a dialogue between Jafor and Khalid about how to improve their English.

Answer: A Dialogue About How To Improve English.

Jafor Hi, Khalid, How’re you?
Khalid I’m fine. What about you?
Jafor I’m also fine. But I’m worried about my English. I am weak in English. How can I improve my skills in English?
Khalid There are four modules in English such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Have you heard of these four modules before?
Jafor Not exactly. Can you explain more, please?
Khalid Of course, these four modules are basic skills for learning English.
Jafor All right. How do I start my learning?
Khalid You should regularly practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
Jafor I will practice them every day. How did you learn English so quickly?
Khalid First, I learned English grammar. Then I’ve enriched my vocabulary.
Jafor Have you followed any further techniques to improve your English skills?
Khalid Yes, I always read the newspaper and practice speaking English with my sister. Besides, I regularly listen to English news like CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera.
Jafor Oh, these are great ideas for improving my English skills fast.
Khalid Yes. You should follow all the techniques to improve your English skills.
Jafor Thank you Khalid for your helpful discussion. 
Khalid You’re most welcome.
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Important Vocabular from this dialogue:

Words Bengali Meaning Hindi Meaning Indonesian Meaning
Worried চিন্তিত / উদ্বিগ্ন चिंतित Khawatir
Weak দুর্বল कमज़ोर lemah
Improve উন্নত করা सुधारें meningkatkan
Modules মডিউল मॉड्यूल Modul
Before আগে इस से पहले Sebelum
Exactly হুবহু बिल्कुल सही! Tepat
Explain ব্যাখ্যা করা समझाना Menjelaskan
Practice অনুশীলন করা अभ्यास Praktik
Regularly নিয়মিত नियमित रूप से Secara teratur
Follow অনুসরণ করা अनुसरण Mengikuti
Technique কৌশল रणनीति Teknik
Enrich সমৃদ্ধ করা समृद्ध Memperkaya
Always সর্বদা हमेशा Selalu
Great দারুণ महान Besar
Ideas ধারনা विचार Ide
Quickly দ্রুত तुरंत Dengan cepat
Should উচিত चाहिए Sebaiknya
Helpful উপকারী फायदेमंद Bermanfaat
Discussion আলোচনা विचार-विमर्श Diskusi
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