A Dialogue About Early Rising | A dialogue between you and your friend about early rising

Question: Suppose, you are Nadir and your friend is Riyad. Now, Write a dialogue between you and your friend about early rising. 

Answer: A dialogue between you and your friend about early rising.

Nadir: Hi Riyad! How are you?

Riyad: I’m fine. What about you?

Nadir: I’m also well. Where are you going so early in the morning?

Riyad: I’m not going anywhere. I’m exercising.

Nadir: Oh, that’s great! Do you get up every morning to exercise?

Riyad: Yes, I always get up in the morning and do some exercise.

Nadir: Is there any benefit to getting up early in the morning?

Riyad: There are many benefits to getting up early. Also, getting up early is a good habit.

Nadir: Can you explain more, please?

Riyad: Sure, Early rising is good for health. You can take necessary exercise and fresh air in the morning. 

Nadir: You’re right. I can get more time to do more work in the morning.

Riyad: Yes. You can complete your assignments and homework in the morning.

Nadir: Oh, good Idea! What do you do after exercise?

Riyad: After exercise, I always complete my study and take my breakfast.

Nadir: That’s a good habit. I will get up early in the morning from tomorrow.

Riyad: Best of luck. This is a wise decision.

Nadir: Thanks for your valuable information.

Riyad: You’re welcome.

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Some benefits of Early Rising:

  1. Fresh Air.
  2. Positive attitude.
  3. More Productive.
  4. More time to exercise.
  5. Become more organized.
  6. Get into the routine.
  7. More time to read.
  8. Better Mental Health.
  9. More Family Time.
  10. More time to get things done.
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  1. I just want to thank you all, because this dialogue which you have written is so nice and helpful for my exam. And The last 10 benefits were so useful to me for my daily life. Thanks a lot guys.


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