A Dialogue About Hobby and Interest

A Dialogue About Hobby and Interest | Dialogue Between Two Friends about Their Hobbies

Question: Suppose, you are Tina and your friend Taniya. Now, write a dialogue between you, and your friend about your favorite hobby and interest.

Answer: A Dialogue About Hobby and Interest.

TinaHi Taniya, how are you?
TaniyaI’m doing well. What about you?
TinaI’m also fine. I don’t know your favorite hobby and interest. Will you share with me?
TaniyaSure, my favorite hobby is gardening. What’s your favorite hobby?
TinaMy favorite hobby is reading books. Share something about your garden.
TaniyaI have been gardening since childhood. I love planting flowers and vegetables. What kind of books do you read?
TinaMost of the time, I read storybooks. I enjoy reading about culture and science fiction.
TaniyaWow, that’s great. When do you spend your time on your hobby?
TinaOn weekends, I love to read books. How do you take care of your garden?
TaniyaEvery morning I like to water my sapling and take care of them.
TinaYour hobby is fascinating. Do you sell flowers and vegetables in your garden?
TaniyaSometimes I sell flowers from my garden at the market. Most of the time, we eat vegetables from our garden.
TinaFabulous! You really inspired me to make a garden.
TaniyaNo problem. I’ll help you in this regard. Would you lend me some of your favorite books?
TinaGreat! Come to our house tomorrow, we’ll talk about the garden, and I’ll give you some books to read.
TaniyaSure, I will. Thank you for your polite conversation.
TinaYou are welcome. Don’t forget to come tomorrow. Bye.
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Importance of hobbies in life:

  1. It enhances creativity.
  2. Reduces your stress.
  3. Improves your career.
  4. Provides extra income.
  5. It helps to improve your mental health.
  6. Hobby helps keep you physically healthy.
  7. A hobby allows you to meet new people.
  8. Hobby improves your confidence and self-esteem.
  9. A hobby allows you to explore yourself and your talents.
  10. Hobby keeps you from wasting time and creating bad habits.
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