Dialogue Between Shopkeeper And Customer to Return Defective Product

Dialogue Between Shopkeeper And Customer to Return Defective Product

Question: Suppose, you are Nadia. You bought a pair of shoes yesterday and found some defects in the shoes when you got home. Now you want to return the product. Write a dialogue between you and the shopkeeper to return the defective product.

Answer: Dialogue Between Shopkeeper And Customer to Return Defective Product

Nadia Excuse me,  sir?
Shopkeeper Hi Madam, how may I help you?
Nadia Sure sir. I bought this pair of shoes yesterday from your shop and found some defects when I got home.
Shopkeeper Okay. Can I see the receipt?
Nadia Sure, here it is.
Shopkeeper Ok. What is the problem you are facing?
Nadia There are some spots on the back of the shoes. can you refund me, sir?
Shopkeeper No, madam. We can’t return these, but we will exchange these for a pair of shoes.
Nadia Okay. That’s a good choice.
Shopkeeper Do you want the same model or different?
Nadia I want the same model. But can you try black instead of white?
Shopkeeper Yes. We have both colors.
Nadia That’s great. I want the black color of shoes.
Shopkeeper Okay. You can collect the shoes from the counter.
Nadia Thank you for your polite conversation.
Shopkeeper Thank you, please come again.
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Some Important Vocabulary From This Dialogue: Dialogue Between Shopkeeper And Customer

Words Bengali Meaning Hindi Meaning
bought কেনা, কিনলেন खरीद लिया
pair জোড়া जोड़ा
yesterday গতকাল बीता हुआ कल
found পাওয়া গেছে मिला
some কিছু कुछ
defects ত্রুটি दोष के
got পেয়েছি प्राप्त
receipt রসিদ रसीद
spots দাগ स्पॉट
refund ফেরত धनवापसी
exchange বিনিময় अदला-बदली
choice পছন্দ पसंद
same একই वैसा ही
different ভিন্ন को अलग
instead পরিবর্তে बदले में
both উভয় दोनों
want চাই चाहना
conversation কথোপকথন बातचीत
again আবার दोबारा
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