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Examples of proper noun | Examples of proper noun in sentences

Examples of proper noun

Examples of proper noun & It’s definitions:

The name of the particular person, thing, or place is called a proper noun. A proper noun always begins with a capital letter.

Examples of proper noun:

  1. My name is Hardik.
  2. His name is Kartik.
  3. London is a big city.
  4. Olivia is a good girl.
  5. John lives in Dhaka.
  6. She works for Sony.
  7. Let’s go to California.
  8. Messi is an excellent player.
  9. She was born in Australia.
  10. I got accepted to WTO.
  11. Usain Bolt is a fasted sprinter.
  12. I have to work on Saturday.
  13. Ava and Sophia are close friends.
  14. Albert Einstein was born in Germany.
  15. My favourite operating system is Apple.
  16. My best friends are called Emma and Amelia.
  17. Viral Kohli plays for Bangalore in IPL.
  18. My favorite cartoon character is Jerry.
  19. Doctor Mitchel took care of my broken hand.
  20. Do you think the KKR will win the game?
  21. Sharika never goes anywhere without the Fantasy Kingdom.

Proper Noun: 

Proper nouns are those nouns that refer to a specific person, place, or thing, such as Hillary, Chelsey, or William Jefferson. Quora, Google, and NASA are also proper nouns. 

Examples of Proper Noun

Person John, Kabir, Sanjana, Kohli, Rohit, Queen Elizabeth, Charles Dickens, etc.
Place London, Delhi, Paris, United States, New York, London, Alexandria, Toronto, Mumbai, etc.
River The Amazon, The Jamuna, The Nile, etc.
Sea/ Ocean The Atlantic, The Mediterranean, etc.
Organization WTO, IMF, IDA, ADB, BRAC, etc.
Day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc.
Months January, February, December, etc.
Language English, Spanish, German, Arabic, etc
Religious Names Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Torah, etc.
Things Mango, Quora, Ford, Coca-Cola, Band-Aid, Macbook, etc.

Relationship between Proper & Common Nouns

Common Noun Proper Noun
Man/ Woman Olivia, John, Kabir, Rahima, etc.
City Dhaka, London, New York, Athens, San Diego, etc.
Country Australia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Russia, China, etc.
university Oxford University, Dhaka University, University of Delhi, etc.
Tiger Leopard, Puma, Royal Bengal, etc.
Day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc.
Month January, February, March, etc.
Religion Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.
Team Barcelona, Real Mardrid, AC Milan, etc.

Some MCQ Examples of Proper Noun:

  1. Which group of words are proper nouns?
    A) Class, Team, Cattle
    B) John, Olivia, India
    C) Man, Boy, Flower
    D) Water, Iron, Milk
    Answer: B) John, Olivia, India
  2. Which one of the following is a proper noun?
    A) Cattle
    B) Audience
    C) Toronto
    D) Committee
    Answer: C) Toronto
  3. Which one of the following is a proper noun?
    A) Cow
    B) Water
    C) Group
    D) Sunday
    Answer: D) Sunday
  4. Dhaka is a big city. Here the word ‘Dhaka’ is a ____
    A) Proper Noun
    B) Common Noun
    C) Collective Noun
    D) Material Noun
    Answer: A) Proper Noun
  5. The Padma is a big river. Here the word ‘Padma’ is a ___
    A) Common Noun
    B) Proper Noun
    C) Collective Noun
    D) Material Noun
    Answer: B) Proper noun
  6. Which of the following is a proper noun?
    A) Albert Einstein
    B) Rain
    C) Car
    D) Fast
    Answer: A) Albert Einstein

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