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a dialogue about bad effects of deforestation

a dialogue about bad effects of deforestation
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Question: Suppose, your friend is Tamim. Deforestation is a great problem in the world. Now, write a dialogue with your friend on the bad effects of deforestation.

Answer: A dialogue about the bad effects of deforestation.

Habib Hello Tamim! How are you?
Tamim I’m fine. What about you?
Habib I’m also fine. You are looking so worried. Are you thinking about something?
Tamim Yes, I’m worried about the bad effects of deforestation.
Habib Oh, yes! right you are. Nowadays, many people are cutting trees indiscriminately. Do you know the reason behind this?
Tamim Oh, cutting trees a big problem for our nature. Trees give us shade, shelter, and food. and also they give us oxygen and take in carbon dioxide which is harmful to life.
Habib Can you tell me the consequences of deforestation?
Tamim Of course, deforestation means cutting trees in a large number and burning down forests. And it causes a great loss to our environment. 
Habib Can you explain more, please?
Tamim Sure, By destroying the forests, we risk our own life. due to deforestation, the world becomes hot and desert. And it changes the climate, weather and threatens the existence of other species.
Habib As far as I know, global warming is mainly a result of deforestation.
Tamim Yes, you are right. As a result of global warming melting glaciers, early snowmelt, Which increases the water level of the sea. And we face different kinds of natural disaster frequently occur. 
Habib Looks like we are in big trouble. Can you tell me, How we can prevent deforestation?
Tamim Sure, we should stop cutting down trees and plant more trees.
Habib Of course. Also, we should increase people’s awareness of the importance of trees.
Tamim Yes, you are right. People’s awareness can prevent deforestation.
Habib Thank you for your helpful information.
Tamim You are welcome.

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