Regular verb of allow | Present, Past, & Past Participle form of allow

Regular verb of allow / Weak verb of allow:

Present Past Past Participle
Allow Allowed Allowed

Meaning of allow: To permit/let someone do something

The infinitive form: to allow

Present form:

  1. I allow
  2. you allow
  3. he allows
  4. we allow
  5. you allow
  6. they allow

Present continuous form:

  1. I am allowing
  2. you are allowing
  3. he is allowing
  4. we are allowing
  5. you are allowing
  6. they are allowing

Present perfect form:

  1. I have allowed
  2. you have allowed
  3. he has allowed
  4. we have allowed
  5. you have allowed
  6. they have allowed

Present perfect continuous form:

  1. I have been allowing
  2. you have been allowing
  3. he has been allowing
  4. we have been allowing
  5. you have been allowing
  6. they have been allowing

Past form: 

  1. I allowed
  2. you allowed
  3. he allowed
  4. we allowed
  5. you allowed
  6. they allowed

Past continuous from:

  1. I was allowing
  2. you were allowing
  3. he was allowing
  4. we were allowing
  5. you were allowing
  6. they were allowing

Past perfect form:

  1. I had allowed
  2. you had allowed
  3. he had allowed
  4. we had allowed
  5. you had allowed
  6. they had allowed

Past perfect continuous from:

  1. I had been allowing
  2. you had been allowing
  3. he had been allowing
  4. we had been allowing
  5. you had been allowing
  6. they had been allowing

Future from:

  1. I will allow
  2. you will allow
  3. he will allow
  4. we will allow
  5. you will allow
  6. they will allow

Future continuous form:

  1. I will be allowing
  2. you will be allowing
  3. he will be allowing
  4. we will be allowing
  5. you will be allowing
  6. they will be allowing

Future perfect form:

  1. I will have allowed
  2. you will have allowed
  3. he will have allowed
  4. we will have allowed
  5. you will have allowed
  6. they will have allowed

Future perfect continuous form:

  1. I will have been allowing
  2. you will have been allowing
  3. he will have been allowing
  4. we will have been allowing
  5. you will have been allowing
  6. they will have been allowing

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