Present Continuous Tense কাকে বলে

Present Continuous Tense কাকে বলে? Present Continuous Tense এর উদাহরণ?

যে Tense দ্বারা কোনো কাজ বর্তমানে চলছে বা হচ্ছে বুঝায়, তখন তাকে Present Continuous Tense বলে। অর্থাৎ বর্তমান সময়ে চলমান বা হচ্ছে বুঝালে Present Continuous Tense হয়। Present Continuous Tense কে আবার Present Progressive ও বলা হয়।

বাংলায় চেনার উপায়: বাংলা ক্রিয়াপদের শেষে: তেছ, তেছি,তেছে, তেছেন, চ্ছ, চ্ছে, চ্ছি, ছি, ছে, ছেন অর্থাৎ করিতেছি, চলিতেছে, চলছে, যাচ্ছে, ঘুমাচ্ছে, ঘুমাচ্ছ, ঘুমাচ্ছেন, যাচ্ছেন, যাইতেছে ইত্যাদি।

ইংরেজিতে চেনার উপায়: Now, At this moment, At present, Always, More and more, Year after year, Currently, Rapidly, Gradually, Continually, Occasionally, Frequently, Increasingly ইত্যাদি থাকতে পারে।

Structure বা গঠন:

Affirmative Sentence: Subject + am/ is / are + ing যুক্ত মূল Verb + Extension (অন্যান্য অংশ).
Negative Sentence: Subject + am/ is/ are + not + ing যুক্ত মূল Verb + Extension.


  • I am sleeping.
  • You aren’t playing.
  • I am going to school.
  • She is going to school.
  • They are not listening.
  • I am speaking to you.
  • You are reading this.
  • We are playing cricket.
  • She is staying in London.
  • Kabir is going to the library.
  • He is traveling around the world.

কিভাবে Present Continuous tense এর Sentence তৈরি করবেন: 

Subject Auxiliary verb Negative Sentence main verb Extension
I am reading a book.
You are reading a book.
We  are playing cricket.
We are not playing cricket.
They are not staying here.

নিম্নলিখিত verb সমূহ Present Continuous Tense এ ব্যবহৃত হয় না। যেমন:

  • Opinion Verbs → deserve, know, recognize, understand, etc.
  • Ownership Verbs → own, belong, possess, need, etc.
  • Emotion Verbs → feel, love, hate, sound, etc.
  • Verbs of the Senses → hear, see, notice, smell, look, taste, observe, etc.

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Example: Present Continuous Tense → Affirmative Sentence:
  • I am reading.
  • He is sleeping.
  • You are playing.
  • They are going.
  • I am writing a letter now.
  • You are learning English now.
  • We are making this toy for him.
  • The boys are playing cards at present.
  • She is reading a book at this moment.
  • He is staying with his friend for a week.
  • They are drawing the scenery of the hill.
  • We’re going to the market at the weekend.
  • I am playing football now with my friends.

Example: Present Continuous Tense → Negative Sentence:

  • I am not reading.
  • You are not going.
  • She is not sleeping.
  • They are not playing.
  • We are not staying.
  • I am not fighting with you.
  • They are not coming this year.
  • You are not writing a letter now.
  • They are not staying here anymore.
  • I am not reading any books right now.
Example: Present Continuous Tense → Interrogative Sentence:
  • Are you coming?
  • Is she reading?
  • Is he studying now?
  • Are you writing now?
  • Why am I blaming you?
  • What are you doing now?
  • Are you coming to our home?
  • What are you doing next week?
  • Are you watching football on television?


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