IELTS Speaking Introduction Questions with Answers

IELTS Speaking Introduction Questions with Answers

The IELTS speaking exam has three parts. Today we will describe the introduction part. In Part 1 of the speaking test, the examiner will first introduce himself and ask you questions based on your background and personal life. You will be marked based on your speaking ability.

In the 1st part of IELTS, you should first know that this part will not be long. It will last in 4-5 minutes. You’re going to ask short questions, and you should answer like give brief answers to the questions.

IELTS Speaking Introduction Questions with Answers:

The examiner will ask you the following questions:

  1. What is your full name?
  2. What shall I call you?
  3. Where are you from?
  4. Can I see your identification, please?
  5. Do you work or study?
  6. Do you often read?
  7. What books did you read as a child?
  8. Do you have any e-books?
  9. Is it important for you to be healthy?
  10. Do you live in a small town or a big city?
  11. What can people do for fun there?
  12. Would you like to move to another place in the future?
  13. What kind of clothes do you like wearing?
  14. How often do you go shopping for clothes?
  15. Do you prefer to shop for clothes alone or with someone else?
  16. Has your style of clothing changed in recent years?
  17. How did you come here today?
  18. What is public transport like in your town?
  19. How do you think it could be improved?
  20. Do you think people should use public transport more?

IELTS Speaking Introduction Questions and Answers (sample): 1

Examiner Welcome to the speaking part of the IELTS exam. My name is Liam, and I will be your examiner for this part of the test. I will record this for marking purposes. What is your full name?
Candidate My full name is Benjamin Karim.
Examiner What shall I call you?
Candidate Please just call me Karim.
Examiner May I see your Identification?
Candidate Yes, of course, here is my passport that I Used for registration.
Examiner Thank you. Ok, here is your passport back. For part one I will ask you a few more questions to get to know you better, and some questions on a general topic. Where do you live?
Candidate I live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, with my family.
Examiner What is your favorite food?
Candidate I’m a big fan of BBQ and a juicy steak that is cooked well where it melts in your mouth and is bursting with flavor.
Examiner Do you have any hobbies?
Candidate Yes, I do have a couple of different hobbies. I really like to cook and I also like to sew. Last week I made a beautiful dress for my best friend.
Examiner Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
Candidate To be honest, I really prefer warm weather because you don’t have to wear too many clothes when you go out and it’s much more comfortable for any to stay outdoors.

IELTS Speaking Introduction Questions and Answers (sample): 2

Examiner Good evening, My name is Imran. Would you please tell me your full name?
Candidate Sure, my name is Sayma Nazneen.
Examiner What can I call you?
Candidate Please call me Sayma.
Examiner Can I see your identification, please?
Candidate Of course, here you are.
Examiner We can now get started with the first part of the exam. In the first part, I will ask you some personal questions. First, let’s talk about what you do. What is your job?
Candidate Currently, I am a teacher. I’ve had this job since I graduated from university. Actually, I find it interesting. I have a sense of happiness when I see my students learn hard.
Examiner Describe a place in your city or town where you like to go in your free time?
Candidate I love shopping. Most of the time I like to shop in my free time. I usually go to the shopping center with my sister, and I enjoy it very much.
Examiner How often do you go shopping and what do you buy?
Candidate Most of the time I go shopping at weekends with my friends. I prefer buying clothes, especially shoes and cosmetics. If I want to get together with my friends it’s a great place for us to hang out for a while.
Examiner What is your favorite food and why?
Candidate I am a pure vegetarian, but I enjoy popular snacks food. I love the local cuisines of different places.
Examiner What kind of restaurants do you like to eat out at?
Candidate I usually go to traditional restaurants with my family and my friends. I like to order dishes that I don’t prepare at home.

IELTS Speaking Introduction Questions and Answers (sample): 3

Examiner I’m your examiner today. My name Is Tanvir. Could you tell me your full name, please?
Candidate Yea, I’m Maruf Ahmed.
Examiner Can I see your identification, please?
Candidate Sure, here you are.
Examiner All right now, in the first part of the test, I’m going to ask you some questions about yourself and your personal life. What do you do at weekends?
Candidate On Saturdays, I like to hang out with my friends and go to dinner. On Sundays, I like to do various things around the house like cleaning, cooking, and relaxing.
Examiner How important is it to eat healthy food?
Candidate Actually, It is quite important to eat healthy food. For instance, to stay healthy in our life as well as to stay under safety, eating fresh and homemade food plays an integral role in our lives.
Examiner What do you do to be happy?
Candidate I usually exercise. I go running in a nearby park every morning, and I think that health is super important to feel positive.

IELTS Speaking Test part 1: Common Topics

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Study
  4. Work
  5. Home / Hometown
  6. Accommodation
  7. Childhood
  8. Birthdays
  9. Neighbors
  10. Transport
  11. Weather
  12. Culture
  13. Tradition
  14. Hobbies
  15. dreams
  16. fashion
  17. Daily activities / Daily routine
  18. Gifts
  19. Clothes
  20. Food
  21. Cooking
  22. Free time / Spare time / Leisure time
  23. Sports
  24. Running
  25. Walking
  26. Drinking
  27. Reading
  28. Newspapers
  29. Shopping
  30. Traveling
  31. Hang out
  32. Television
  33. Photography
  34. Exercise
  35. Celebrities
  36. Internet
  37. Computers
  38. Flowers
  39. Interests
  40. Your likes or dislikes

Speaking Cue Card Topics for IELTS speaking part 2:

Describe your favorite teacher?
You should say: 

  1. Who this teacher was?
  2. What did this teacher teach?
  3. How long have you had this teacher?
    and explain why you liked this teacher so much.

Describe the person in your family who you most admire?
YOu should say:

  1. What their relationship is to you?
  2. What they have done in their life?
  3. Do they do anything now?
    and explain why you admire them so much?

Describe a historical place that you know about?
You should say:

  1. What the place is?
  2. Where it is located?
  3. What is the historical significance of the place?
    and explain why you like it?

Describe a problem that affects the environment in the area where you live?
you should say:

  1. What the problem is?
  2. What causes it?
    and explain what you think could be done to solve it?

Describe someone who is older than you that you admire?
you should say:

  1. Who this person is?
  2. How did you know this person?
  3. What kinds of things do you like to do together?
    and explain how you feel about this person?

Describe an experience that you had with your friends and had a good time?
you should say:

  1. When it was?
  2. Where did you go?
  3. Who were you with?
    and how you felt about the journey?

Describe a country you would like to visit?
you should say:

  1. Which country it is?
  2. What do you already know about this country?
  3. When do you want to visit this country?
    and explain why you want to visit this country?

Describe a volunteer work experience you have had?
you should say:

  1. What volunteer work it was?
  2. Where it was?
  3. Why did you volunteer?
    and explain how you felt about it?

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