Hard Words In English For Class 1

Hard Words In English For Class 1

Building a strong vocabulary is essential for young learners, as it opens up a world of possibilities for communication and understanding. As students progress through their academic journey, it is necessary to introduce them to words that go beyond the basic level.

In this article, we present 50 hard words in English for Class 1 students, along with their meanings, to help expand their vocabulary and enhance their language skills.

Hard Words In English For Class 1

Let’s look at the first set of 10 Hard words:

No. Word Meaning
1 Ancient Very old or from a long time ago
2 Analysis Detailed examination or study
3 Apologize To say sorry for something
4 Brilliant Very bright or intelligent
5 Challenge A difficult task or problem
6 Courageous Brave or not afraid
7 Dangerous Full of risk or likely to cause harm
8 Delicious Tasty or enjoyable to eat
9 Discover To find something for the first time
10 Education The process of acquiring knowledge or skills

Now, Let’s look at the second set of 10 Hard words:

No. Word Meaning
11 Excellent Very good or of high quality
12 Fascinating Extremely interesting or captivating
13 Generous Willing to give or share with others
14 Glimpse A quick look or brief view
15 Harmony A state of peacefulness or agreement
16 Imagination The ability to create pictures or ideas in your mind
17 Journey A long trip or travel from one place to another
18 Knowledge Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education
19 Language A system of communication using words or gestures
20 Magnificent Very beautiful or impressive

Now, Let’s look at the third set of 10 Hard words: Hard Words In English For Class 1

No. Word Meaning
21 Mysterious Difficult to understand or explain
22 Nourish To provide food or other substances necessary for growth
23 Observe To watch or notice something carefully
24 Peaceful Calm, quiet, and without disturbance
25 Quality A characteristic or feature that distinguishes something
26 Reliable Dependable or trustworthy
27 Sensitive Easily affected or hurt by something
28 Tremendous Very large or great in size, amount, or intensity
29 Unique One of a kind or unlike anything else
30 Variety A range of different things

Now, Let’s look at the fourth set of 10 Hard words:

No. Word Meaning
30 Variety A range of different things
31 Wilderness An uncultivated, uninhabited, or undisturbed area
32 X-ray A type of radiation used for medical imaging
33 Yearn To have a strong desire or longing for something
34 Zeal Enthusiasm or passion for a cause or goal
35 Abundant Present in large quantities or plentiful
36 Baffle To confuse or puzzle someone
37 Celebrate To observe or honor an event with festivities
38 Dazzling Extremely bright or impressive
39 Eager Very enthusiastic or excited about something
40 Fragile Easily broken or damaged

Now, Let’s look at the fifth set of 10 Hard words: Hard Words In English For Class 1

No. Word Meaning
41 Gigantic Extremely large in size or magnitude
42 Hesitate To pause or delay in making a decision
43 Illuminate To light up or make brighter
44 Jovial Cheerful and friendly
45 Knowledgeable Having or demonstrating knowledge or expertise
46 Lethargic Feeling sluggish or lacking energy
47 Mischievous Playfully naughty or causing trouble
48 Navigate To find one’s way or direct a course
49 Obedient Willing to obey or follow instructions
50 Ponder To think about or consider something deeply

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