Definition of Society By Different Authors

Definition of Society By Different Authors | Best Definition of Society

When a group of people lives together for a common purpose is called a society. Society is an abstract concept. It has no definite boundaries. Society can be small and big. Some features of the society – unity and cooperation, dependence, interaction, similarity-contrast, etc. 

Society gives a better and safer social life by meeting the people’s multifaceted needs. The human qualities and social values ​​of the people develop within the society.

The first and foremost element of society is human beings. Another essential element of society is family. Society consists of many families, schools, colleges, mosques, temples, commercial establishments, and other social institutions.

Definition of Society By Different Authors

According to Giddings, “Society is a number of like-minded individuals who know and enjoy their like-mindedness and are therefore able to work together for common ends.”

According to Kimbal Young, “Society is the general term for persons living in social relations.”

R.M. MacIver defines, “Society as a web or social relationships giving importance to the reciprocal relationships that exist among its people, gave one of the most important definitions of society.”

Morris Ginsberg defines, “A society is a collection of individuals united by certain relations or modes of behavior which mark them off from others who do not enter into these relations or who differ from them in behavior.”

According to George Douglas Howard Cole, “Society is the complex of organized associations and institutions within the community.”

Definition of Society By Different Authors

MacIver and Page define, “Society is a system of usages and procedures, authority and mutual aid, of many groupings and divisions, of human behavior and of liberties.”

According to Green A.W. “A society is the largest group to which any individual belongs.”

Leacock defines, “Society includes not only the political relations by which man are bound together but the whole range of human relations and collective activities.”

According to Talcott Parsons, “Society may be defined as the total complex of human relationship in so far as they grow out of action in terms of means and relationship, intrinsic or symbolic.”

What are the characteristics of society?

  • Society is made up of people.
  • Society is dependent on every human being.
  • Every level of society is entirely dependent on each other.
  • The goal is achieved through the division of labor and division of responsibilities in society.
  • There is a feeling of unity and cooperation in society. It is more or less a standing association.
  • Society is ever-progressive, and society is a controlled and orderly structure.
  • The members of the society have a spirit of cooperation and tend to share common interests.
  • Society is made up of many similarities and differences. Similarities such as needs, rules, and activities and differences such as attitudes, looks, talents, and personalities are all known as part of society.
  • The perception of society is abstract because even if it can be felt in the existing imagination of social relations, it is not possible to see or touch it.
  • Society is governed by mutual awareness, constant mutual awareness, and maintaining inter-relationships with the members.

Why society is important?

We know that society is essential because it gives us a platform to work together for the betterment of the world. We are moving forward with a concerted social effort. Also, society has social beliefs, rules, and majority rules that help people determine how they should behave and what is wrong.

Society is formed on the basis of certain rules and regulations so that people can easily live there, and can move forward in danger of each other. So, society can be said to be well organized and based on governance. So everyone should build their living society as an ideal society.

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