According to, for example, especially, Off course, Meanwhile, On the other hand, However, In conclusion, Then, Including, etc.

Cohesive Devices for IELTS Writing | Cohesive Devices Exercises with Answers

Cohesive devices for IELTS are required to create relationships between different clause sentences and paragraphs. Generally, Cohesive devices are called linkers, linking words, connectors, or transitional words. Cohesive devices are used to connect any part of a sentence, paragraph, or text. It makes our content coherent. Excessive use of Cohesive devices can negatively affect the reader.

It is crucial to use the Cohesive devices in the writing part of IELTS to get a good score. Here we have provided some Cohesive devices examples with answers for your better preparation.

Cohesive Devices for IELTS Writing with Examples:

1) According to:

  1. According to both maps, the main feature which is the United Hospital is covered by Mirpur Road.
  2. According to the new design, the Bashundhara Kings sports center is going to become bigger.

2. For example:

  1. For example, Advances in science and technology have made our lives easier.
  2. For example, a student received a grade of C for his maths examination.
  3. I play different games that help me stay healthy. For example, football, badminton, cricket, volleyball, etc.

3. Especially:

  1. Especially kids are love to play outdoor games.
  2. Especially tourists are love to visit such locations.

4. Off Course:

  1. Of course, there are lots of other fascinating things on display.
  2. Of course, you can enjoy different activities on this particular day.

5. Meanwhile:

  1. Meanwhile, at night he loves to complete his study.
  2. Meanwhile, summer is the best time to travel for those who want the whole tourist experience of this particular destination.

6. On the other hand:

  1. Sayeda is very talented. She, on the other hand, is very lazy too.
  2. On the other hand, It is suitable for tourists who frequently come to this place.

7. However:

  1. However, there is one opportunity where we have too many choices.
  2. However, it can be hard to add to the phrase because there are different ways to do it.

8. In conclusion:

  1. In conclusion, I would like to say that the benefits of digital marketing will increase in the following year.
  2. In conclusion, I would recommend the local shopping center for your clothing.

9. Then:

  1. Then we make sure that the separate branches have everything they want.
  2. Then you don’t have to worry about a market crash or a natural disaster destroying your expensive home.

10. Including:

  1. Including them, I think Yoga has some power to make the human mind fresh.
  2. Including three murders, he has committed several crimes.

Cohesive Devices Exercises with Answers

11. So:

  1. So we leave on Monday and get back next Wednesday.
  2. So, in a nutshell, we need more support to overcome this critical situation.

12. To start with:

  1. To start with, we need better education then need more vocational training.
  2. To start with, We’ll need a half cup of water, and then we’ll need another cup later.

13. Apparently:

  1. Apparently, the first laws may perplex an unskilled entrepreneur who wants to build a business.
  2. Apparently, if a person has very little understanding of the English language, this will be quite obvious to all the people dealing with the person.

14. In addition:

  1. In addition, schools should provide courses to teach young people to be good parents.
  2. In addition, to all the things written above, it would be a great idea for schools to teach young people to become good parents.

15. Both…and:

  1. Both proteins and vitamins are essential for all kinds of humans.
  2. Both Shakira and Johan have to comply with the regulations.

16. In spite of:

  1. In spite of this, there are many benefits of computer skills for young children that cannot deny.
  2. In spite of this, language learning significantly improves student performance throughout the curriculum.

17. The first option:

  1. The first option is to buy fresh coffee in the last five weeks.
  2. The first option would be best for Kabir and the Sabbir.

18. The second option/line:

  1. The second line survey shows that they have bought instant coffee in the last five weeks.
  2. The second option that indicates the highest number of the survey is the percentage of the city residents that went to a cafe for coffee in the last five weeks.

19. The last option:

  1. The last option of the survey defines the necessity of vitamins for young kids.
  2. The last option of the survey shows the percentage of the city residents that went to a cafe for coffee in the final five weeks.

20. In other perspectives:

  1. In other perspectives, networking helps businesses to get more clients.
  2. In other perspectives, it is very important to own your own home rather than renting it.

List of Cohesive Devices for IELTS

21. Through the years:

  1. Through the years, the country has been able to bridge the gap between budget and demand.
  2. Through the years, the number of tourists staying on cruise ships in this particular area showed an unstable increase for the first five years.

22. Based on this:

  1. Based on this, I believe that the number of books printed will increase significantly and possibly dramatically.
  2. Based on this, I think there is a big chance that magazines and newspapers will go entirely into the online world.

23. In general:

  1. In general, his work has been good, but these tasks were so challenging.
  2. In general, the store has eight levels of production before the final product is delivered.

24. Further:

  1. For further information, see the second paragraph.
  2. Further information is needed to determine the case.

25. After that:

  1. After that, the round-shaped figures are cooked in oil and dried.
  2. After that, the party had formed a committee to study the entire matter and find an accurate solution.

26. At this moment:

  1. At the moment, technology enables us to read books on electronic devices.
  2. At the moment, I can’t guarantee that the business will be able to make a profit next year.

27. Overall:

  1. Overall, it takes a long time to get a product in the supermarket.
  2. Overall, Amazon has been able to capture a massive market worldwide.

28. For instance:

  1. For instance, Apple’s products are now popular with young people.
  2. For instance, if a person repeatedly sees advertisements for a particular product on TV, that person will become more attracted to that product.

29. Nevertheless:

  1. Nevertheless, Watching commercials on TV is now a different kind of entertainment.
  2. Nevertheless, he is always optimistic about opportunities and believes that it is significant for us to try.

30. Hence:

  1. Hence, the project will be complete by the end of the year.
  2. Hence, the primary purpose of advertising is to inform, persuade, and remind the message.
Example of Cohesive Devices in Sentence

31. Thus:

  1. Thus, advertisements must be designed and presented in the right way to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  2. Thus, universities have expanded to provide higher education opportunities to many more people.

32. As we can see:

  1. As we can see from the chart, the majority of Marketing graduates are employed.
  2. As we can see, on the right is a plaque on this wall commemorating Stuart’s successful expedition.

33. Besides:

  1. Besides, it is only one-third of those who work in private companies.
  2. Besides, advertisements can be successful in persuading people to buy products and services.

34. To sum up:

  1. To sum up, the diagram indicates what Marketing graduates from one university accomplished after completing their undergraduate degree course.
  2. To sum up, the outcomes of the questionnaire on how often people in New York buy and drink different types of coffee.

35. First of all:

  1. First of all, we will better ensure that we have what we need.
  2. First, the rate of tourists to the Maldives has not had much of an impact for two reasons.

36. Finally:

  1. Finally, the friendship between our teammates grew.
  2. Finally, the number of tourists can also be affected, as travelers get frustrated with finding every place, just like the one they visited before.

37. Apart from:

  1. Apart from his intelligence, he was also a hard worker.
  2. Apart from these two features, some features are shown on the 2015 map but not on the 2010 map.

38. Therefore:

  1. Therefore, I advised him to buy a new smartphone but not from the same brand.
  2. Therefore, the government of every country should guarantee the fundamental rights of its citizens, food, clean water, and education.

39. Nowadays:

  1. Nowadays, many countries have tried to make better technology to meet the food shortage in the world.
  2. Nowadays, jobs have become more technologically advanced due to the development of different types of electronics.

40. Moreover:

  1. Moreover, computers have become one of the essential parts of our daily lives.
  2. Moreover, technology has some positive and negative effects on the world and affects daily life.

How are Cohesive Devices used in IELTS Writing?

41. Actually:

  1. Actually, if you have a large family, it is almost impossible to cook something that everyone will love.
  2. Actually, People are less likely to engage in outdoor activities as a result of the many available channels.

42. Naturally:

  1. Naturally, many people say that the internet is one of the most popular and innovative creations in the world.
  2. Naturally, the Internet is a better place to advertise any service or product than conventional advertising methods.

43. To start with: 

  1. To start with, in many modern societies, including Russia. Entrepreneurs are greatly encouraged by advertisements for numerous business seminars and workshops.
  2. To start with, some people believe that the loss of individual species of plants and animals is the major environmental problem of our time.

44. In other words:

  1. In other words, it is better to accept a bad situation like an unsatisfactory job or lack of money.
  2. In other words, I would say the solution is that they have to go with the flow because they will learn something new on the go.

45. In my honest opinion:

  1. In my honest opinion, I strongly recommend that anyone work in both situations according to the circumstances.
  2. In my honest opinion, the main thing when dealing with a bad situation is problem analysis.

46. Besides that: 

  1. Besides that, others argue that it is better to try to improve a bad situation.
  2. Besides that, floods associated with rising sea levels and damage to homes at lower land levels are becoming more frequent.

47. Regarding that matter: 

  1. Regarding that matter, they come up with a solution to improve such a situation by getting a part-time job.
  2. Regarding that matter, some people suggest that the government should put economic progress in the most significant place.

48. Furthermore:

  1. Furthermore, education alleviates poverty and hunger, giving people the opportunity to lead a better life.
  2. Furthermore, you will need to participate in physical activity, weight management, and stress control activities.

49. In the beginning: 

  1. In the beginning, physical health refers to the proper functioning of every part of the body. Staying fit is crucial in everyone’s life.
  2. In the beginning, development means taking the country and the nation towards modernization through economic growth and ensuring the increase in the country’s savings, investment, production, and national income.

50. First of all: Cohesive Devices for IELTS Writing

  1. First of all, It reduces pollution when more people stop driving on weekdays.
  2. First of all, they all use a lot of water on farms and agriculture.

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