An email about the necessity of planting trees

An email about the necessity of planting trees | Tree Plantation Email

Question: Write an e-mail to your friend informing him about the necessity of planting more trees to save the world.

Answer: Write an email about the necessity of planting trees.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Necessity of planting trees

Dear Sakila,

How are you? You wanted to know the necessity of planting more trees. You know, trees are useful to us in many ways. They have unconditionally provided us with fruit, wood, flowers, oxygen, and many other necessities for human sustainability such as shelter, medicine, equipment, and much more. Also, trees give us oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. In addition, trees help prevent soil erosion, drought, and flooding.

But it is unfortunate that people are brutally cutting down trees to get fuel, furniture, and more building space. We can say that without trees we can’t live a single minute. We should plant more and more trees on both sides of roads and highways. Moreover, we can plant trees in our empty places. Tree planting campaigns should be continued everywhere to raise public awareness. The more we are able to inform people about the many beneficial aspects of trees, the more people will be encouraged to plant trees. This is how we can make the tree planting program a success. That’s all for now.

Yours ever

What are the benefits of planting trees?

  1. Trees play a vital role in preventing soil erosion.
  2. It helps to cleanse and revitalize our environment.
  3. Trees reduce carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen.
  4. A country needs to have at least 25 percent forest cover.
  5. Having plants in the house helps in cleaning the surrounding air.
  6. The leaves of the tree increase humidity and remove airborne dust.
  7. Having plants at home reduces the risk of allergies, especially in children.
  8. Trees make our state of mind good and cheerful and create a positive attitude.
  9. Plants can help remove benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air and reduce headaches.
  10. If the roofs of the houses can be made a little greener by planting trees, then the temperature of the city will come down.

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