A dialogue between you and your friend about street children

Question: Suppose, you are Sohan and your friend is Akib. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about street children. 

Answer: A dialogue between you and your friend about street children

Sohan Hi Akib! How are you?
Akib I’m fine. What about you?
Sohan I’m fine too. But I’m thinking about the lives of street children.
Akib We see them on the streets every day. What a miserable life they are living.
Sohan You’re right. Sometimes they sell flowers and other things for a living.
Akib Why do they do it?
Sohan Homelessness and poverty are the main causes of street children.
Akib Can you describe more about their daily lives?
Sohan Of course, they live in slum areas and sell on the streets, beg and do housework.
Akib Do they go to school?
Sohan They are also deprived of the education or training that could enable them to escape the poverty trap.
Akib What a pity! Can’t we do something for them?
Sohan Oh, sure. There is a need for realistic planning and necessary financial allocation of the concerned ministry of the government for street children.
Akib I think public and private initiatives are needed to solve this problem.
Sohan Absolutely. You’re right.
Akib Thank you for your beautiful conversation.
Sohan You’re welcome.
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