A dialogue about the importance of physical exercise

A dialogue about the importance of physical exercise

Question: Suppose, you are Tariqul. Your friend wants to know the importance of physical exercise. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of physical exercise.

A dialogue about the importance of physical exercise:

Akmal Hello Nahian, How are you?
Nahian Not very well. What about you?
Akmal I’m doing well. But what happened to you?
Nahian I always feel physically weak.
Akmal I know the problem why you are feeling physically weak.
Nahian What is it? Tell me about it.
Akmal Don’t you take physical exercise daily?
Nahian No. I’m not maintaining physical exercise.
Akmal Physical exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases. Also maintaining physical exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits.
Nahian Yes, you’re absolutely right. My doctor also suggests me to take physical exercise. How can I maintain daily physical exercise?
Akmal Very simple, you can walk in the early morning, also you can play games and sports, etc.
Nahian Can you explain more about the importance of physical exercise?
Akmal Sure, physical exercise is important for everyone. Doing physical exercise can make you feel happier, can help your weight loss, good for your muscles and bones, can increase your energy levels, and also can help your brain health and memory.
Nahian There are many benefits to physical exercise. From now on I will maintain physical exercise.
Akmal That’s the right decision. Everyone should keep physical exercise in their daily routine.
Nahian That was a great discussion with you. This discussion really helps me to understand the importance of Physical exercise. Thank you so much.
Akmal You’re welcome. Take care of your health.

Some benefits of Physical Exercise:

  • Exercise is good for your heart.
  • It reduces your risk of a heart attack.
  • Exercise improves muscle strength.
  • Exercise enhances your immune system.
  • It can help with relaxation and sleep quality.
  • Exercise can reduce your risk of chronic disease.
  • It can help your brain health and memory.
  • Regular exercise can help prevent and treat mental illnesses like depression.

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