A dialogue about load shedding in your locality

A dialogue about load shedding in your locality

Question: Suppose, you are Radhika and your friend Shakib. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about load shedding in your locality.

Answer: A dialogue about load shedding in your locality

Radhika Hello, Shakib. How are you?
Shakib I’m fine. What about you?
Radhika I’m also fine but facing a  serious problem that impacts my study.
Shakib What are you talking about? Anything wrong?
Radhika Yes, Recently, I have been facing frequent load shedding, which is severely hampering my studies.
Shakib Oh, that’s a big problem for students. Can you explain to me what is load shedding?
Radhika Sure, Load shedding means uncertainty, suspension, and a short supply of electricity for a certain period.
Shakib Can you tell me what are the effects of load shedding?
Radhika There are many effects of load shedding. For example, It affects our residential areas, educational institutions, the medical sector, local businesses, offices and factories, and agriculture.
Shakib I think people of all classes are victims of load shedding, especially students.
Radhika Yes, you’re right. I can’t study attentively even for an hour because of frequent load shedding.
Shakib What should we do in such a situation?
Radhika Nothing but urging the appropriate authority to take action to curb this agony.
Shakib Yes, you’re absolutely right. let’s pledge an application to the TNO. Are you with me?
Radhika Of course, I am with you to help in every possible way.
Shakib Thank you, Radhika.
Radhika You’re welcome.

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