A dialogue about the importance of learning computer

A dialogue about the importance of learning computer

Question: Suppose, you are Kona and your friend is Sabiha. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of learning computer.

Answer: A dialogue about the importance of learning computer

Kona: Hi Sabiha! How are you?

Sabiha: I’m fine. What about you?

Kona: I’m also fine. What is your plan after the final exam?

Sabiha: I haven’t decided yet. Do you have any plans?

Kona: I have a plan to learn computer at an IT center.

Sabiha: Is it important to learn computer as a school student?

Kona: Of course, computer learning is important for everyone.

Sabiha: But why?

Kona: Computers are essential for our daily lives. We can’t think of a day without computers.

Sabiha: Explain more about the importance of computer learning.

Kona: You know we live in a modern world, and modern life is dependent on computers. In every organization, computers are used to work properly.

Sabiha: You’re right. I have seen that the government and other organizations are now dependent on computers.

Kona: At present all office work is done through the computer. Also, it is used in research, diagnostics, design, space technology, publishing, etc.

Sabiha: So learning computer is a must for everyone, isn’t it?

Kona: Of course. You should learn computer with me after the final exam.

Sabiha: Sure. Thanks for your helpful information.

Kona: You’re welcome.

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Benefits of computers: 

Computers are the wonder of today’s world. It is an automatic device. This technology is making our work more convenient. Currently, employment has increased through this technology.

Nowadays, the impact of computers is huge. People use this device for various purposes. This includes buying and selling online, online study, ticket booking, online shopping, or all kinds of office work.

Computer technology has made a significant impact on education. Students can study online or acquire knowledge at home.

Multitasking is a significant advantage of computers. It allows a person to easily calculate multiple tasks, multiple operations, and numerical problems in a few seconds. Computers can easily calculate trillions of instructions per second. The great advantage of a computer is its high speed, which helps it to accomplish any task in a very short time.

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