A dialogue about the benefits of morning walk

A dialogue about the benefits of morning walk

Question: Suppose, you are Kamal. Your friend Sharika feels sick and tired. Suggest to her about the importance of morning walk. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Sharika about the benefits of morning walk.

Ans: A dialogue about the benefits of morning walk:

Kamal Hello, Sharika! Good morning. How are you?
Sharika Good morning. I’m not well. Nowadays, I have been feeling weak and sick. What about you?
Kamal I’m fine. Yeah, you are right. You look so tired and sick.
Sharika I always feel tired and sleepy. I don’t know what happened to my health.
Kamal You should consult with a doctor as soon as possible. Do you get up early in the morning?
Sharika No. I wake up late. I’m quite sleepy.
Kamal I wake up early in the morning and do some exercise. Walking is the best exercise in the morning. Do you know morning walk is good for human health?
Sharika I’ve heard about it. Can you tell me about the benefits of morning walk?
Kamal Sure. The main benefit of morning walk is to get the fresh air. The main benefit of morning walk is to get the fresh air. also, it can boost your energy level. From a morning walk, you can benefit both mentally and physically.
Sharika Really? I’m missing all of these benefits.
Kamal Yes. Start morning walk from tomorrow and get all the benefits.
Sharika Of course. I will start rising in the morning and take some exercise and walk in the morning fresh air in the open field.
Kamal So nice of you. Morning air refreshes both mind and body.
Sharika Thanks a lot for your helpful suggestion. We can walk together in the morning. What do you think?
Kamal Sure, why not. take care of your health. Bye.

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