A dialogue about how to open a bank account

A dialogue between you and a bank manager about how to open a bank account

Question: Suppose, you want to open an account with a bank. Now, write a dialogue between you and a bank manager about how to open a bank account.

Answer: A dialogue about how to open a bank account

OliviaMay I come in, sir?
Managerof course. Have your seat, please. How can I help you?
OliviaI am Olivia, I would like to open an account with your bank. Now, please tell me the way of opening an account in your bank.
ManagerOh, that’s great. Will you tell me what type of account you want to open?
OliviaSure, I want to open a savings account.
ManagerI’m giving you an application form. The form should be filled in with your own information. 
OliviaOk, after that?
ManagerThen you have to submit the application form to the accounts section with your recent photographs and an amount of money fixed by our bank.
Oliviais it all?
ManagerNo. Two or three days later you have to come to our bank, and you will have a unique number that is your bank account number.
OliviaWhen will I get a bank account book?
ManagerAfter completing the whole process, we will give you an account book. By using the bank account book you can withdraw your money anytime.
OliviaThank you so much for your helpful information.
ManagerYou are welcome.

Some benefits of opening a bank account?

  • Bank accounts are safe.
  • You can able to get loans.
  • It’s an easy way to save money.
  • It helps you to make payments.
  • You also get a safe deposit locker.
  • Bank accounts can help you access credit.
  • A bank account helps in the collection of money.
  • Utility bills can be paid through a bank account.
  • a bank account will protect your money from theft and fires.
  • All your transactions both debit and credit will be maintained by the bank.


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