A dialogue about the bad effects of evil companions

A dialogue about the bad effects of evil companions

Question: Suppose, you are Sajib. Salman is your younger brother. Suddenly he is hanging out with bad guys. Now, write a dialogue between you and your younger brother about the bad effects of evil companions.

Answer: A dialogue about the bad effects of evil companions

Sajib Hey! Salman. How are you?
Salman I’m fine. What about you?
Sajib I’m fine too. Where are you going?
Salman I’m going to a party at my friend’s house.
Sajib Is it true? Nowadays, you are mixing with the bad boys in our village.
Salman They are my friends. I always hang out with them.
Sajib I always worry about you, especially about your friends. Those with whom you mix are very bad.
Salman They have a lot of fun and travel around, so I mix with them.
Sajib The people you mix with are smokers, drug addicts, and eve-teasers. Is it right or wrong?
Salman Yes. You are right. 
Sajib Evil company will destroy your character and your whole family. Always keep them away.
Salman Sorry. I was confused. I will not mix with them anymore.
Sajib Right decision. You should study attentively. Good luck.
Salman Thanks, brother for opening my eyes. I was misguided.
Sajib You’re welcome. Always take care of your health.
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