A dialogue about issuing a library card

A dialogue about issuing a library card

Question: Suppose, you are Maruf. You want to have a library card. Now, write a dialogue with the librarian about issuing a library card.

Answer: A dialogue about issuing a library card

Maruf: Excuse me. May I come in?

Librarian: Oh sure! How can I help you?

Maruf: I’m a new student in your school. so I have no library card. How can I get a library card?

Librarian: Do you have your Identity Card?

Maruf: Yes, here it is.

Librarian: Please fill out the form with your name, class, and roll.

Maruf: Here is it. 

Librarian: Okay. Do you like to know the rules of our library?

Maruf: Sure, How many books can I get at one time?

Librarian: You can get two books at once.

Maruf: How many days can I keep the books?

Librarian: You can keep a book for a week.

Maruf: What if I can’t return the book on time?

Librarian: If you do not return the book on time, you will have to pay a fine of five TK per day for each book.

Maruf: When will I get the library card?

Librarian: You will get the library card tomorrow.

Maruf: Thank you sir for your help. 

Librarian: You are welcome.

22% প্রোমো কোড: KIDS1950

Important Vocabulary from this dialogue: 

Words Meaning 
Suppose ধরুন
come আসা
get পাওয়া
Identity পরিচয়
know জানা
rules নিয়ম
our আমাদের
How কিভাবে
many অনেক
How many কতগুলো
once একদা / একবার
keep রাখা
week সপ্তাহ
can পারা
return ফেরৎ / প্রত্যাবর্তন
for জন্য
pay পরিশোধ করা
fine জরিমানা
each প্রতিটি
When কখন
tomorrow আগামীকাল
help সাহায্য
welcome স্বাগত
22% প্রোমো কোড: KIDS1950

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