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Dialogue about the merits and demerits of mobile phones

Dialogue about the merits and demerits of mobile phones
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Question: Suppose, you are Abir/Kabir. You know the mobile phone has become an essential device in our daily life. It has both merits and demerits. Now, Write a dialogue between you and your friend Shakib/Ramin about the merits and demerits of mobile phones.

Answer: A dialogue about the merits and demerits of mobile phones:
Abir Hi Ramin, How are you?
Ramin I’m fine. Thank you. What about you?
Abir I’m also fine. I want to buy a mobile phone this month. Before buying the phones, I want to know what are the merits and demerits of Mobile Phone?
Ramin Oh, that’s great. The mobile phone has a lot of merits in our modern life but also has some demerits.
Abir If you know the merits and demerits of the mobile phone then tell me details about it.
Ramin First I’m telling the good sides of Mobile Phone. Mobile Phone is a device by using it we can communicate with others within a minute. It’s changed our communication system and speeds up our daily life. By using a mobile phone you can send an email within a second. By the way, the mobile phone is an inevitable ingredient of the up-to-date civilization.
Abir WOW! lots of benefits of using mobile phones. Now tell me, what are the demerits of the Mobile Phone?
Ramin The mobile phone has some negative sides to the young generation. The young generation is addicted to using a Mobile phone. They are using the mobile phone at night instead of reading. and the most negative thing is that they sometimes talk with an unknown person through the cross-connection.
Abir I also have seen some of my friends(boys and girls) talking to each other using a mobile phone. I think Mobile Phone has a big negative impact on teenagers.
Ramin Right you are. We all know the bad and good effects of using Mobile Phone. So we should use the good sides of the mobile phone in our daily life.
Abir Oh sure. In this modern age, it will become difficult for us to communicate without mobile phones. So we should be careful about using the good aspects of our mobile phones.
Ramin Obviously, we should follow the good use of mobile phones. Nice talking to you. No more today. Take care.
Abir Thanks for sharing your helpful thoughts.
Ramin You are welcome.

Some merits and demerits of mobile phones:


  • We can stay in touch with our family and friends with this device.
  • You can store huge amounts of stuff on mobile phones.
  • These devices allow us to get information quickly.
  • You can get entertained by using this device.
  • Snap the photos, take videos, etc.
  • Different Apps provide a lot of information for Users.


  • Mobile Phones Cause Isolation.
  • Mobile Phone Wastage of your valuable time.
  • It has disturbed in student’s education.
  • Mobile phones create many security problems.
  • You may have sleepless nights.
  • People use the mobile phone while driving and it is the main cause of accidents and loss of life.

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