Toot one’s own horn meaning in Bengali

Toot one’s own horn meaning in Bengali–

Toot one’s own horn = নিজের ঢাক পেটানো / নিজেই নিজের গুণগান করা / Boast / to praise one’s own ability

Toot one’s own horn in a sentence:

  1. Sarah always toots her own horn whenever she achieves a new milestone at work.
  2. Instead of quietly celebrating his success, John couldn’t help but toot his own horn and boast about his accomplishments.
  3. Jenny is known for tooting her own horn at every opportunity, making sure everyone knows about her achievements.
  4. Despite her exceptional abilities, Jane rarely toots her own horn and prefers to let her work speak for itself.
  5. Jacob’s tendency to toot his own horn often overshadows the achievements of others and creates a competitive atmosphere.

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