Tag Question Examples With Answers

Tag Question Examples With Answers | Tag Questions Exercises With Answers

A tag question is a short question after a statement. It is used for confirmation/agreement or to ask for information. For example: “isn’t he?” or “didn’t they?” “You’re Hatim, aren’t you?”  etc. Tag questions are more common in spoken use than in formal written use.

Tag Question Examples With Answers: 1-10

  1. I am late, aren’t I?
  2. Birds can fly, can’t they?
  3. He is going there, isn’t he?
  4. She knows you, doesn’t she?
  5. Sishir is not going there, is she?
  6. He always lags behind, doesn’t he?
  7. For the boys the task is easy, wasn’t it?
  8. Robin does not live in London, does he?
  9. They have tried but failed, haven’t they?
  10. He can go to the university by bus, can’t he?
Important Tag Question Examples With Answers: 11-20
  1. What a pity, isn’t it?
  2. Let us go home, shall we?
  3. The girl didn’t go, did she?
  4. They came by car, didn’t they?
  5. Let’s be sincere in our life, shall we?
  6. Cutting trees is not good for us, is it?
  7. They are our best friends, aren’t they?
  8. Time and tide wait for none, do they?
  9. They have not done the work, have they?
  10. This balm has lessened your pain, hasn’t it?

Tag Questions Exercises With Answers: 21 – 30

  1. Let him go, will you?
  2. He is not a liar, is he?
  3. I need some books, don’t I?
  4. She knows you, doesn’t she?
  5. Let him do the work, will you?
  6. I don’t like talking in class, do I?
  7. We don’t make a quarrel, do we? 
  8. Let’s plant trees more and more, shall we?
  9. She could have been more discreet, couldn’t she?
  10. He has to work hard to get a higher salary, hasn’t he?
Tag Questions Exercises With Answers: 31 – 40
  1. Open the door, won’t you?
  2. Close the door, won’t you?
  3. Don’t disturb me, will you?
  4. Don’t forget him, will you?
  5. Let’s enjoy a picnic, shall we?
  6. Let’s have a cup of tea, shall we?
  7. How nice the scenery is, isn’t it?
  8. Telling lies is a great sin, isn’t it?
  9. I’m just hopeless at telling jokes, aren’t I?
  10. We have another carton of milk, haven’t we?
Important Tag Questions Exercises With Answers: 41 – 50
  1. Let’s play football, shall we?
  2. None believes a liar, do they?
  3. Everybody hates him, don’t they?
  4. You broke the machine, didn’t you?
  5. Man hardly believes a liar, does he?
  6. Let’s buy a nice gift for her, shall we?
  7. He is trying to give up smoking, isn’t he?
  8. He often visits his hometown, doesn’t he?
  9. Let’s make the best use of time, shall we?
  10. One lie begets a hundred lies, doesn’t it?

Important Tag Questions Exercises With Answers: 51 – 60

  1. Nobody phoned you, did they?
  2. We will go home soon, won’t we?
  3. How exciting the game is!, isn’t it?
  4. The weather is better today, isn’t it?
  5. We didn’t play very well today, did we?
  6. He can hardly succeed in life, hasn’t he?
  7. The moon shines at night, doesn’t it?
  8. Nobody respect a dishonest man, do they?
  9. Everybody was present there, weren’t they?
  10. Flowers are the symbol of beauty and purity. Nobody dislikes flowers, do they?

Question Tags Exercises with Answers: 61 – 70

  1. Thank you very much, don’t I?
  2. All of them are honest, aren’t they?
  3. Most of you are stupid, aren’t you?
  4. Let us always speak the truth, shall we?
  5. All of you failed in the exam, didn’t you?
  6. Every one of you will go there, won’t you?
  7. None of us can solve this problem, can we?
  8. He couldn’t have forgotten the address, could he?
  9. Everybody should respect the teachers, shouldn’t they?
  10. Most of them have submitted their paper, haven’t they?
Difficult question tags exercise with answers: 71 – 80
  1. I’m late, aren’t I?
  2. Banks close at 4 p.m, don’t they?
  3. The girl broke the cup, didn’t she?
  4. You forgot my birthday, didn’t you?
  5. He used to visit you regularly, didn’t he?
  6. He as well as his brother came here, didn’t he?
  7. You’d rather I kept quiet about it, wouldn’t you?
  8. Students hardly miss watching this game, do they?
  9. Unfortunately, many of us waste our time, don’t we?
  10. It’s hardly rained at all this summer, has it?
Difficult question tags exercise with answers: 81 – 90
  1. Pass the salt, will you?
  2. Have a cup of tea, won’t you?
  3. He used to play football, didn’t he?
  4. I am a teacher of English, aren’t I?
  5. Everything looked beautiful, didn’t it?
  6. Man is the best creature of God, isn’t he?
  7. You had better drink cold water, hadn’t you?
  8. The right expression for “Am I to?” is, aren’t I?
  9. He has to lead a miserable life, hasn’t he/ doesn’t he?
  10. Yesterday her father bought her a lovely dress, didn’t he?

Question Tags Exercises with Answers: 91 – 100

  1. Love the poor, will you?
  2. Let’s have a party, shall we?
  3. Everybody knows it, don’t they?
  4. All’s well that ends well, isn’t it?
  5. I ought to complain, oughtn’t I?
  6. Let us go out for a walk, shall we?
  7. Patriotism is a great virtue, isn’t it?
  8. Everyone is nostalgic in life, aren’t they?
  9. She should be motivated at all, shouldn’t she?
  10. The wind blows gently in the spring, doesn’t it?

Tag Question Examples With Answers: 101 – 110

  1. I need a pen, don’t I?
  2. Let’s talk to him, shall we?
  3. Fishes can swim, can’t they?
  4. Therefore, let’s practice it, shall we?
  5. How nice the flowers are, aren’t they?
  6. We hardly forget the golden past, do we?
  7. I think she has o interest in it, has she?
  8. I must write a letter to my friend, mustn’t I?
  9. Success cannot be achieved without effort, can it?
  10. My parents always advise me to work hard, don’t they?

Tag Questions Exercises With Answers: 111 – 120

  1. Nothing is impossible, is it?
  2. It is calm and quiet, isn’t it?
  3. Let’s go to the canteen, Shall we?
  4. There was a traffic jam, wasn’t there?
  5. The air is also cool and soothing, isn’t it?
  6. A nuclear family has some advantages, hasn’t it?
  7. Try to form the habit of morning walk, will you?
  8. You do not like anything more than books, do you?
  9. A better life seldom comes without hard work, does it?
  10. Hardly anyone tries to protect the natural world, do they?

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