Rural Life in Bangladesh Paragraph

Rural Life in Bangladesh Paragraph | Rural Life in Bangladesh Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC

Question: Write a paragraph describing rural life in Bangladesh.

Answer the following questions:

What is rural life?
What are the main features of rural life?
How is it different from urban life?
Do you like rural life?
What steps can be taken to improve the quality of life in rural areas?

‘Rural Life in Bangladesh’ Easy Paragraph

Rural life means the life of the people living in the village. Bangladesh is an agricultural country, and the rural life here is dependent on agriculture. Most people work in agriculture or fishing. Our rural areas are decorated with natural beauty and greenery. Rural areas are one of the driving forces of our country. There are some advantages to living in a village. Rural life is peaceful, beautiful, and serene, which are the main features of rural life. Rural people also get fresh air and fresh fruits and vegetables. It is completely different from urban life, there is no pollution and no worries. The happiness of rural people depends on their working life and relationships.

Rural people are deprived of many modern facilities. They do not get advanced medical facilities and advanced education. But gradually, things are changing. At present, schools are being set up in every village, and hospitals are being set up in a few villages by the government. I prefer rural life the most. I enjoy the simplicity, serenity, and natural beauty of rural life. Of course, there are many problems in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Yet those who love a quiet and relaxed life prefer to live a village life.

Paragraph on Rural Life / Village Life: 02

Rural Life in Bangladesh Paragraph

Most of the people of Bangladesh live in rural areas. People live very simple life. Most of the rural people are farmers. They make a living by cultivating their land or working on other people’s land. They work hard from morning to evening. Some farmers work on their land, but there are also landless people. Rich people in rural areas send their children to school, college, and university, but the poor cannot afford to send their children to school. In most cases, their children become child laborers. They work as day laborers in other people’s homes or shops or start driving rickshaws or vans. These days, most of them can earn enough to accommodate two square meals a day. Some of them go to their nearest cities and towns to work as garment workers, taxis, or autorickshaw drivers. No matter how much money they make, they are happy with what they have.

Nowadays, rural people also have modern facilities. Most homes have electricity and television; Affluent people also have refrigerators and improved sanitation systems, etc. In every corner of the village, there are small markets, where people go shopping and spend leisure time on tea, gossiping, playing sports, etc. Most villages have primary schools, and two to three villages have one high school and one college. Education rates in rural areas are rising rapidly. The life of the rural people is beautiful. They help each other. In the last two-three decades, the villages have been modernized.

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