Definition of Mission By Different Authors

Definition of Mission By Different Authors | 10 Definition of Mission

A mission is an overall goal of an organization that provides a guideline for all management levels and a guideline for decision making. A great mission is a fundamental element of good strategy because it helps define the core purpose of your organization.

Definition of Mission By Different Authors

According to Ackoff (1999, p. 83), “A mission statement states the organization’s reason for being, its ultimate ends, its ideals.”

Bartkus et al. (2000, p. 28) define, “The best mission statements simply define the company’s business and suggest a future goal.”

According to, “Mission is a specific task with which a person or a group is charged.”

Bart (1997, p. 9) defines, “A formal written document designed to capture and convey a firm’s unique and enduring purpose. It should answer some fairly basic yet critical questions, such as What is our purpose? And, Why does our organization exist?.”

Bart (2001, p. 322), “Mission statements answer the question: why do we exist as an organization (or what is our purpose).”

Strong (1997, p. 269) defines, “A mission statement is a clear definition of the mission and purpose of the organization, it may be referred to as the organization creed statement, statement of purpose, statement of general principles, statement of corporate intent or vision statement.”

According to Krattenmaker (2002, p. 3), “A mission statement should describe the fundamental objectives of the business and should include what people variously refer to as guiding principles, credos, and corporate philosophies.”

Definition of Mission By Different Authors

According to Davies and Glaister (1997, p. 594), “There are numerous formal definitions of what a mission statement is, but most of them indicate that it should combine a statement of purpose for the organization with some form of aspirational vision for its future, all presented in as succinct a way as possible.”

Collis and Rukstad (2008, p. 85) define, “The mission statement spells out the underlying motivation for being in business in the first place – the contribution to society that the firm aspires to make.”

According to Blanchard (2007, p. 19), “A statement of purpose is not the same thing as a business definition BUT a mission can define the business and its role in it in the form of the unique value or contribution it wants to make.”

Williams (2008, p. 96) defines, “A mission statement tells two things about a company: who it is and what it does.”


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