Composition on prize giving ceremony of our school

Composition on prize giving ceremony of our school for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Write a composition in about 200, 300, or 350 words about the prize-giving ceremony of your school. 

Composition of “The prize giving ceremony of our school”

The prize-giving ceremony at our school was a really special day. It was a time for all of us to come together and celebrate the hard work and achievements of our students. The whole school gathered in the hall, which was decorated so beautifully with balloons and banners. Our headmaster started the ceremony by telling us how proud he was of each and every student, even if they didn’t win a prize. Then, one by one, the students who excelled in different areas like academics, sports, and the arts were called up on stage. They received certificates and medals, and everyone cheered and clapped for them. It was amazing to see all the different talents in our school. We also had some great performances by students who recite, perform, and acted. The ceremony ended with inspiring speeches from teachers and guest speakers, encouraging us to work hard and never give up. It was a day filled with joy, pride, and motivation. We left the ceremony feeling inspired and determined to achieve our own goals.

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony of our School Composition


The prize-giving ceremony at our school is a much-awaited event that fills the air with excitement. It is a day when students, teachers, and parents come together to celebrate achievements and honor hard work. The joyous atmosphere and sense of accomplishment make it a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Vibrant Decoration:

The school premises come alive with vibrant decorations, reflecting the festive nature of the prize-giving ceremony. Colorful banners, balloons, and ribbons adorn the hallways and auditorium. The stage is transformed into a captivating setting with dazzling lights, showcasing the importance of the event. The decorations create an atmosphere of celebration, adding to the anticipation and setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Beginning of the Function:

As the day arrives, students eagerly gather in the assembly area, dressed in their finest attire. The ceremony begins with the national anthem, filling the atmosphere with patriotism and unity. The principal delivers an inspiring speech, acknowledging the efforts of students and highlighting the significance of the occasion. The anticipation builds as the awards and prizes are announced, recognizing academic excellence, sports achievements, and extracurricular accomplishments.

Description of the Function:

The prize-giving ceremony unfolds with a series of delightful performances, showcasing the talents of our school community. There are cultural performances and even a choir singing uplifting songs. Each performance captivates the audience, adding a touch of entertainment and creativity to the event. The proud recipients of the awards walk up to the stage, receiving their well-deserved recognition and applause.


The prize-giving ceremony at our school is a day filled with joy, celebration, and inspiration. It is a time when students are acknowledged for their hard work and dedication, motivating them to strive for excellence. The event not only recognizes achievements but also fosters a sense of connection among students, teachers, and parents. It is a reminder that success comes through perseverance and a strong commitment to personal growth. 

Q. Write a composition on the school prize giving day

Composition: Prize giving ceremony of our school


The prize-giving ceremony at our school was an incredibly special event filled with excitement and joy. It was a time when students, teachers, and parents came together to celebrate hard work and achievements. Let me tell you all about this fantastic day!

Gathering of the school community:

The ceremony started with all the students gathering in the school hall, buzzing with anticipation. Teachers and parents were also present, eagerly waiting to applaud the students’ achievements. The hall was beautifully decorated with colorful balloons, streamers, and banners, creating a cheerful atmosphere.

Recognition and appreciation:

The Headmaster began the ceremony by expressing pride in the efforts of every student, regardless of whether they were receiving a prize or not. This encouraged a sense of unity and support among everyone present. The Headmaster also thanked the teachers for their hard work and dedication, which played a significant role in shaping the students’ success.

Presentation of awards:

Of course, the most exciting part of the ceremony was when the awards were presented. The students who had excelled in academics, sports, craftwork, and various other fields were called up on stage one by one. They received certificates and medals as a token of recognition for their outstanding performances. The entire audience cheered and clapped, celebrating the accomplishments of their fellow students.

Special performances:

To make the ceremony even more enjoyable, there were captivating performances by talented students. Reciting, cultural programs, and other performances added a touch of entertainment and enthusiasm. These acts showcased the diverse talents within our school community, leaving everyone amazed and proud.

Words of encouragement:

Throughout the ceremony, teachers and guest speakers delivered inspiring speeches to motivate the students. They shared stories of success, emphasizing the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The words of encouragement helped to instill a sense of determination and ambition in the students, inspiring them to strive for greatness.


The prize-giving ceremony at our school was a truly unforgettable event. It brought together students, teachers, and parents to celebrate achievements and recognize hard work. The cheerful atmosphere, presentation of awards, and inspiring speeches made it a day of immense joy. It was a reminder to all of us that with determination and support, we can achieve great things.

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