Blow one’s own trumpet meaning in Bengali

Blow one’s own trumpet meaning in Bengali

Blow one’s own trumpet= নিজের ডাক পেটানো / নিজেই নিজের গুণগান করা / Boast / to praise one’s own ability

Blow one’s own trumpet In a sentence: 

  1. Despite his achievements, John is not one to blow his own trumpet and prefers to let his work speak for itself.
  2. It’s not in her nature to blow her own trumpet, but Jane’s talents are undeniable and deserve recognition.
  3. Mark is always blowing his own trumpet, constantly boasting about his accomplishments to anyone who will listen.
  4. Sarah’s modesty prevents her from blowing her own trumpet, even though she consistently exceeds expectations.
  5. Tom has a habit of blowing his own trumpet, making it difficult for others to appreciate his achievements.
  6. Instead of blowing his own trumpet, James prefers to acknowledge and support the accomplishments of his team members.
  7. It’s refreshing to meet someone who doesn’t feel the need to blow their own trumpet and is genuinely humble about their success.
  8. The politician couldn’t resist blowing his own trumpet during his speech, exaggerating his achievements to gain popularity.
  9. Mary’s ability to remain humble while achieving great success sets her apart from others who constantly blow their own trumpet.
  10. Although he’s accomplished a lot, Paul prefers not to blow his own trumpet and is more interested in collaborating with others to achieve collective goals.

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