DSU এর পূর্ণরুপ কি?

ABM এর পূর্ণরুপ কি?

ABM এর পূর্ণরুপ:

ABM এর অনেগুলো পূর্ণরুপ একসাথেঃ

১. Anti-Ballistic Missile

২. Account Bandwidth Manager

৩. Assistant Branch Manager

৪. Assistant Brand manager

৫. Area Business Manager

৬. Access Bandwidth Manager

৭. Authentication and Billing Manager

৮. Automated Banking Machine

৯. Automated Building Machine

১০. Area Base Maintenance

১১. Activity-Based Methodology

১২. Alliance Bank Malaysia

১৩. Asynchronous Balanced Mode

১৪. Analog Behavioral Model

১৫. Auxiliary Battery Module

১৬. Account-Based Marketing

১৭. Activity-Based Management

১৮. Aggressive Behavior Management

১৯. Activity-Based Metrics

২০. Air Battle Management

২১. Agent-Based Modeling

২২. American Business Media (New York)

২৩. Album

২৪. Audio Album File

২৫. Advanced Battery Management (sprint)

২৬. Accountancy, Business and Management (Philippine educational system)

২৭. Annual Business Metting (various organizations)

২৮. Aventure Du Bout Du Monde ( French travelers’ network)

২৯. Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

৩০. Antique Boat Museum

৩১. Avrupa Bilgi Merkezi (Istanbul, Turkey)

৩২. Anat Baniel Method (San Rafael, Ca)

৩৩. Agriculture Business Management

৩৪. Area Based Management (Marine Zoning)


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