A Winter Morning Paragraph

A Winter Morning Paragraph For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Write a paragraph of about 150 words on “A Winter Morning”

“A Winter Morning” Paragraph in 150 words (For Class 6, 7, 8- JSC)

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Winter is one of them, and it is the coldest season of the year. A winter morning is different from any other morning in the season. A winter morning is foggy and cold. Sometimes, the fog becomes so thick that the sun cannot reach it. Everything looks foggy. People make fires with wood and straw to keep them warm. Farmers go to fields late to harvest crops. People like to eat different kinds of Pitha, Chira, Muri, and Khai in the morning. As the day goes on, the beauty of the winter morning slowly disappears.

Rich people wear woolen clothes to keep themselves warm. But the poor people are suffering due to a lack of warm clothes. However, people enjoy winter mornings very much. A winter morning is purer and fresher than any other morning. People love to have tea and coffee in the morning. I love winter mornings very much.

“A Winter Morning” Paragraph in 200 words (For Class 9 and 10)

A winter morning is very cold and foggy. There is dense fog everywhere in the morning. Dew drops fall on the leaves and plants. The farmers go to work early in the morning, wearing warm clothes. Poor people suffer from the cold. They are seen burning fire to warm themselves. When the sun rises, people bask in the sun. In the winter mornings, people satisfy themselves by drinking tea and coffee. The beauty of winter mornings cannot be enjoyed in urban areas. If you want to see the winter morning from your heart, you have to go to the village. The cold and foggy weather will impress you there.

When the sun slowly begins to peek out on a winter morning, everyone starts to come out and sit in the sun. Many people try to warm their hands and bodies by burning straws. Poor people cannot afford to buy warm clothes. They are always waiting for the sunshine to protect them from the cold. Winter mornings are not pleasant for poor people. If we can arrange winter clothes for these helpless people, winter mornings can be exciting mornings for everyone. In the winter mornings, I enjoy delicious and sweet Pithas, Cakes, Juice, etc.

“A Winter Morning” Paragraph in 250 words (For HSC)

Winter in Bangladesh is a season of beauty. The nature of winter morning is calm and sweet. The leaves of the trees, the fields of crops, and the green grass of the fields are all filled with misty dew. The entire nature is covered in a blanket of fog. When the sun rises, the fog begins to disappear. People wear warm clothes in the morning. But homeless people face really tough situations. They don’t get enough warm clothes or even a place to sleep. This season is very difficult for them. Some warm themselves with fire. Thus, they keep them warm. Winter is the best time for vegetables and fruits. We can enjoy a variety of food on winter mornings. At this time we usually eat Pitha, Cake, Pies, etc.

There are different scenes in villages and towns. People find cities busy even in winter. But the villagers mostly pass the time idly. But sometimes they have to go to the fields with cattle and work there. Children love to come out and play. A wonderful attraction on a winter morning is the yellow field of mustard flowers. If you want to enjoy a winter morning, you should come to the village. A winter morning is truly a great gift from nature. If we extend a helping hand to the poor and needy, we all can enjoy the winter mornings with joy. Overall, winter mornings are a great time for us. I love this season so much.

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